Playing with Energy…The Lazy Way

Last Friday my husband and I went to a seminar that was being held on Energy Healing and we really quite enjoyed ourselves.  The speaker for the evening was Corey Asbreuk and he showed us different ways to play with energy.  His mantra is all about finding the simplest, most laziest way to play with Energy Healing.  It was pretty interesting!

One of the most important messages I took away from the evening was to just allow and trust for the healing to occur.  Which to me, is a message that really resonates.  This isn’t the first time I had heard that message, but it is nice to hear it again and just sit with it.  It’s an important message for the healer as well as the client getting the healing.

Living in a results based world where people look for tangible and often instant results, it’s important for everyone to realize that with each healing session you are having, there is healing occurring.  You might not see or feel the results right away, and the healing that occurs might not be even what you came to your practitioner for.  What’s important to remember is that the healing you are receiving is unique to you and whatever is healing within you at that moment is in perfect alignment with your life path.

Throughout the evening we received many great insights and tips with how to harness the energy and really simplify one’s mindset around a healing session.  I had an excellent time and look forward to going to Corey’s next seminar!

Happy Monday everyone!  How will you plan to set up a fantastic week ahead?


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4 Responses to “Playing with Energy…The Lazy Way”

  • Reta:

    Hi Drea…I am so glad that you and Paul are into this energy…You may want to read, if you haven’t already, the Field by Lynne McTaggert and Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renaud and Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton…we are in amazing times…such a wonder…
    I wish you great blessings on your journey. I just completed 4 vision boards…One for Body/Fire/East and Red, sign of the eagle and the physical, the next was Mind/Earth/South and Yellow, sign of the wolf and mouse and the intellectual, then I did Heart/West/Water and Blue, sign of the Great Bear Mother and dreamtime, and finally the last one, Spirit/North/Air and White, sign of the Great white Buffalo/peace and Soul. They are up on my wall in my dining area where I look at them everyday…
    I have 3 more to do, one for the car I will be driving, one for the home I will be living in and one for the man who will come into my life…these are AWE-filled times.
    As I have recently let go of 45 lbs, I can now clean out my closet of my “Bigger” clothes and will soon have room for a man to hang some of his clothes in there…haha
    Lots to do, but feeling much better than I have in years!!!! Coming into the sun again, figuratively and literally…Have a Glorious Day, SUNSHINE, and looking forward to seeing you again. I love your Drea’s Intuition site, thanks for keeping me informed. Check out German New Medicine. I want to take this course…so hopefully in the fall I can come down there and take it…wanna join me? Love and Namaste, Reta

  • Drea:

    Hi Reta,

    I’m glad you are enjoying my site! I do love updating everyone and hearing feedback and new ideas from people! I will check out the German New Medicine you mentioned. Your vision boards sound very nice! Glad you are enjoying them so much. 🙂 Congrats on the weight loss!!

  • Hi Drea,
    Energy healing is one of those things that we have to believe in and trust that the healing will work. When my son was a infant he had irritable bowels quite often. I had read some books on energy and sound healing.

    I would first rub my own hands together to get the energy there. Then I began to move my hands around the area of the belly. Then I would gently rub the belly and make some vowel sounds.

    Within minutes he would have a bowel movement and the crying stopped of course.
    Justin | Mazzastick´s last blog post ..Stop Being Grounded Already – Why Staying in the Salad Bowl Isn’t Such a Smart Move

    • Drea:

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your story! Love it! It’s great to see energy healing working at it’s best! You are right about trusting that it will work…even if the results/outcome isn’t seen right away or what we are expecting. Many times the healing shows up in ways that can be unexpected, but are just as important as what you were seeking to be healed in the first place. 🙂

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