Farewell Oprah

Oprah’s last show is airing today after 25 years of being on television.  It’s hard to believe that her show will no longer be airing every afternoon during the week.

Although I do not watch her show on a regular basis, I’ve had the pleasure of watching many of her shows over the years.  Oprah has been a wonderful teacher for me.

She has had many shows which have challenged me to step outside of my world and see things through different perspectives.

She has shown me many inspirational moments and has been one of the people to teach me to live an inspired life and to share inspiration with people that might have misplaced theirs.

She has been a leader in showing compassion and through leading from example taught me how to live and love with compassion.  Much the same as forgiveness and humility.

She has shown how to live a life of service to humanity and I inspire to live my life to do much the same.

Most importantly, she has taught me to live a life full of passion and to always seek and learn new ways to live my life to the fullest.

Oprah, I wish you much success in your future!

Thank you!

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One Response to “Farewell Oprah”

  • Paul:

    My intuition tells me what Oprah’s done on her show is going to pale in comparison to what she’s going to do next.

    Although it’s sad to see her show go, I think what she does next will be even more exciting.

    It’s not like she’s just going to stop being Oprah.


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