A Great Spring Cleaning Idea

Spring is upon us and what a great opportunity to take advantage of clearing out some of the clutter in our homes.  I have been working over the past couple of weeks re-organizing my home and parting with things that no longer serve a purpose in my life.  In doing so, I feel that it really allows for your home to breathe.  The energy of the space changes, becomes more calm and flows better.  I am really enjoying the transformations that are taking place.

I was speaking with someone about this the other day and I had a great idea, which specifically would help people that find it hard to part with trinkets and are finding their homes cluttered with many of these items that hold a great deal of sentimental value.  She was telling me that she wanted to part with so many of these trinkets but just couldn’t because she didn’t want to betray the sentiment attached to the item.  This was when I realized something important.

I don’t hold a lot of value in trinkets and I have never really understood why people collect them.  I see them as dust collectors.  It wasn’t until that moment in speaking with this person that it clicked.  It’s the memory that is associated with the trinket or collectible that makes it so important…hence the “sentimental” value it holds.  DUH!  You see, I don’t hold memory or sentimental moments in physical items, so I never really associated the two.

This was when I thought of this great idea to help anyone wanting to de-clutter their homes of these trinkets without having to lose any memories or sentiment.  It is all about transferring the energy (or sentiment) placed from that collectible and releasing any fear of loss associated with it.  How you ask??

Well, what I came up with was to take a photo of the item, and you can plan out your photo any which way you want.  Add backgrounds or flowers in the picture…anything goes.  Once you have your photo, you can then take a scrapbook and lay out your photo onto a page.  With the surrounding paper around the picture, this is where you write the memory down that you associate with this particular trinket.  Be as specific as you want.  You can even describe what the trinket feels like and how you feel when you hold it and think of the memory of the person that gave it to you.  Anything!  Even decorate the page if you want with things that you associate with the person that gave it to you. Do this with every single collectible that you are planning on parting with.

What you are doing is transferring the memories and energy placed on all those trinkets into a more compact space saving album that allows you to free the space in your home without the fear of losing the memories placed in those valuables.

Something to consider, especially if you want to change the energy in your home.


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3 Responses to “A Great Spring Cleaning Idea”

  • Lisa:

    Great post Drea. In the past I use to hold on to things way too long (I had a majority of 4 years worth of notes from university that I kept in two closets among other things like high school art [projects). Two years ago I moved to a different house so I had to get rid of a lot of stuff. I used the take a photo of it method for getting rid of my art projects and other stuff and it really works. Once the photos are developed it’s easy to part with objects that are no longer needed. I did a similar method with my closet (clothes) since I held onto those way long too. I tried everything on and if it didn’t look good now, or I never wore it, I donated it to my favorite charity. There is no point in keeping clothes (just in case you loose weight) or anything like that.

  • Usually when I do cleaning, I also use Reiki to cleanse things energetically. This way I don’t have to get rid of any objects, I’m just reikiing them :).
    Nathan´s last blog post ..The Ego Of A Psychic- Why People Think We’re No Longer Human

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