Winter, Maritimes Style!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that January 2011 is already near it’s end!

I’ve been enjoying my time here in Moncton during the winter months.  We had a fairly rough storm yesterday that brought lots of snow and some strong winds.  Looking out the window today you see a much different story!  It’s a beautiful sunny, but cold Saturday afternoon.

Many people have told me that I wouldn’t last here through the winter when they hear I am from British Columbia and have never seen a winter out here.  Although the winter is only half done here, I am really having a good time!

My husband Paul came out to visit for a couple of weeks and had a really nice time.  The weather at that time wasn’t the greatest as we had a few strong storms and weren’t able to travel very much.  I was able to take him over to Prince Edward Island and around a bit of the surrounding area of Moncton.  We did a bit of winter hiking on some of the great trails they have here, which is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time!  I introduced him to some of the great people I have met out here and he was welcomed in true Maritime style.  🙂

I’ve posted a few pictures below of his visit as well as some winter pictures!


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5 Responses to “Winter, Maritimes Style!”

  • Lara:

    Drea those are fabulous pictures! Absolutely gorgeous shots!!!! I will go one day. Its too beautiful not too.

  • niceguy:

    Wow ! Drea. what a place. it looks so good to see in pictures how much good their appear in real time. thanks for sharing it with us. looks you are enjoy your life there. it is great

    nice guy

  • Karen:

    Andrea, these pictures are beautiful and it feels so good to actually ‘see’ you! The church is exceptional! & Great shots of the scenery! Paul looks happy to be there with you! 🙂

  • Lin:

    Beautiful shots Andrea! You have such wonderful gifts, thank you for sharing them!
    Nice to see your beautiful smile too!

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