Protecting Your Energy

[adsense_id=”1″]Do you find yourself feeling tired or completely drained by the end of the day?  A lot of us do and we assume that this is because of stress or having a lot on our plate, but there is more to it than just that.

Everyone of us is made up of energy and with that we project and absorb different energies throughout the day, especially when interacting with other people.  What do I mean by projecting or absorbing energy?  Well, as an example, when we express different feelings like happiness or sadness we are projecting energy out into the atmosphere and onto the people that surround us.  This goes with any emotion you are feeling.

With energy absorption, you are pulling in or feeling energy from other people who are projecting different energies (or emotions).  Think of it as similar to when you have a reaction to another person’s mood or things they are saying to you.  As much as most people think that they are reacting mentally to what the other person is feeling or saying, there is a lot of unsaid energy that is being transferred back and forth.

Do you have a particular friend, co-worker, or family member that when finished meeting with them, you feel so tired or drained?  More than likely what is happening is that this person is either projecting some type of energy onto you or even taking your energy away from you!  A lot of the time, the person taking your energy is totally unaware that they are doing it.

This energy transfer is what will drain a lot of us throughout the day if we stay unaware of what is going on and choose not to protect ourselves from other energy.  So, how do we protect our energy?

There are so many different ways of protecting your energy.  Most ways start with visualization.  You visualize some sort of block between you and the people that you are interacting with, be it with mirrors or shields or whatever you decide works the best for you.

My favorite way to protect my energy is to visualize my entire body protected by a bubble.  It’s a strong bubble that is impenetrable.  Nothing can come through it.  Sometimes I will visualize the outside layer of the bubble is made up of a mirror to project the energy coming at me from others back towards them.  This works quite well.  My friend Dominique uses the bubble technique and she visualizes her bubble to be pink and sparkly.  It is really up to you to decide what you want your bubble or technique to be.

When I was first taught this technique, I thought it seemed way too easy to work, but I am amazed at how different I feel when I use this tool compared to when I don’t use it.

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