A New Place!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted…this is because I’ve been busy moving!

I had decided to get my own little place while I’m here.  I found a great 1 bedroom basement suite.  Over the last week and a bit I have been busy moving and setting up my new place.  It has been quite busy!

Here’s a great little story about sending an intention/desire out to the universe and letting go of it and trusting the universe to provide!

When I first got here, I would walk down to a local grocery that has some basic things you can get.  It isn’t far at all, just down at the end of the street.  One day as I was walking back from the store I saw this little cute little white house with lots of beautiful flower gardens in the yard.

I really liked this house, and the energy of the house seemed really great.  I slowed down a bit to get a longer look this time, and casually said to myself, ” Man…I want to live here.  I like this house.”  I then continued on to my former residence, which was a couple houses down from this cute white house.  Once I was back at my place, I completely forgot about the intention I had just set.  Life went on.

So, as I’m coming across ads for places to rent on the internet, I would generally look at ads that had pictures so I could see what the places looked like.  I usually skipped the ads that just had description…wouldn’t even read them.  I think about a week went by of looking at ads, looking at places, getting frustrated and trying to stay patient.  I got home one day from looking at a couple of places, and I had just finished saying to myself that I needed to take a break from looking.

Well, as I still do often, I didn’t listen to myself.  I went online to just take a peek at what might have been newly posted.  There was one ad, and of course just a description…which for a milli-second, disappointed me.  For “some reason” though, it caught my attention.  I was told to call the number in the ad.  At first I was going to argue, but I thought better.  So, I called the number in the ad and started speaking with the woman who answered.

She told me about the suite, that it was a 1 bedroom basement suite, which was great for me.  In a quiet neighborhood,  which I liked as well.  So, I asked her if I could come and look at the suite, and she started to give me directions to where it was…asking me if I knew this road, and that road.  When she gave me the actual address, I started to laugh!  Realizing that this house was only a couple of houses down from where I am staying now!  Pretty crazy!  When I got there and saw what house it was, the cute white house with all the beautiful flowers, I was standing there with a huge smile on my face and doing an inside happy dance.

I took the suite, how could I not, right?  It was obviously meant for me!  It’s great so far!  I love it here.  A great little home away from home!

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4 Responses to “A New Place!”

  • Tracey:

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see some pictures. Very happy that you found a place that you can call a home away from home 🙂


  • Bart:

    Hey Drea. I really admire your courage for taking this journey. We all get so entangled with people we know, useless material things, and a style of life that’s usually not even what we want and never have the power to break free from all these heavy anchors.

    I wish to have the courage and power to take a journey such as yours one day and see the world from my own two eyes, instead of what’s been implanted into my mind by movies and other media .

    Keep it up, your not just a dreamer, your a living it. 😀


    • Drea:

      Hi Bart,

      Thank you! There is so much I have been learning while on this journey, about myself as well as about the places I see.

      I am happy to have inspired you to start thinking about taking a journey of your own. I would encourage you to go for it if this is something that is calling to you! Go with what feels right! Once you are on your right path, you will see how easy things flow and fall into place for you! It is truly amazing!

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