A Trip Down Memory Lane

A couple of days ago I decided to drive down to Saint John, in New Brunswick…not to be confused with Saint John’s, in Newfoundland.   People are quite particular in Saint John and will correct you if you happen to reverse the two.  All in good fun, of course. 😉

As in all of the other cities I’ve visited, everyone is very friendly and will stop to chat with you along your way.  I had a great time walking around the town and admiring all of the old buildings, especially the churches.  As much as I don’t follow an organized faith (I was raised Anglican), I can still appreciate the architecture and craftsmanship that goes into building the amazing churches around here.  I came across an Anglican church that I was in awe of and spent a great deal of time inside looking around.  There are some pictures below,  however, they didn’t turn out as well as I would have wanted them to.

While walking around a new city and exploring it, one of my favorite things to do is take in the energy of the city and the feel of the people in it.  There were a lot of tourists in town the day that I was there as a cruise ship was in port for a couple of hours.  The locals were very friendly towards us tourists and would stop to speak with us or help us with directions, which is quite nice.  I think that because it was such a beautiful day (I’ve been told that it is usually cloudy or foggy there), a lot of people seemed to be upbeat and enjoying the sun!

I’ve taken many different pictures, and the ones I’ve shown below will give you a better sense of what I am talking about!


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