An Exciting Psychic Adventure!

Psychic Adventure 2So, it has definitely been a while since I have posted anything on my website!  I have been very busy with readings and everyday life has caught up with me!  I have celebrated a birthday…another year older wiser!

Wow…so guess what???  I am going on an adventure!  I am so excited about this!  Over the past 2 weeks I have been busily planning a trip to Atlantic Canada.  First it started out as maybe a 2 week trip and now I will be there for over 2 months!  Very exciting.  I’m actually still quite stunned that I am doing this, but it just feels so right.

The main reason for me planning this trip was to get some healing work done through from what I am told is a very gifted psychic/healer that lives in New Brunswick.  As I’ve gone along with this idea over the past couple of weeks, I’ve become very aware that he will be helping me with much more than this healing.  His name is Geoffrey McLatchie and I am very much looking forward to meeting him.

What is so amazing is the ease in which this trip has come together.  I found an excellent deal on airfare.  I found an amazing couple that will rent me a room for a great price.  My boss at work has no problem with me taking off for over 2 months.  I just love how the universe provides you with what you need, when you need it.  It was 2 months ago that I had said to my husband, ” I am going to the Maritimes (Atlantic Canada) in June.  I don’t know how I will get there, where I will stay or where I will find the money to pay for the trip, but I want to go.” Then I let it go and truly believed that the universe would provide it for me if it was meant to be.  I know, it sounds kind of naive, but really…this is how it works!

I think my favorite part of this trip so far is telling people what I am doing/planning.  I absolutely love the look of amazement or the sound of astonishment in their voices when I tell them.  The first thing out of the mouth of every person I have told so far is, “Are you and Paul OK?”  This makes me smile. “Of course we are OK!” I say.  They are perplexed at the fact that I would leave my husband or that he would allow me to leave for that long of time.  They just assume that there is something wrong.  This is when I realize how lucky I am to have a husband that supports me with my growth throughout life, as I support him.  Of course I will miss him and he will miss me.

I think if I could wish something for people and their relationships, it would be for couples to have this level of trust and understanding within their relationship.  To have a partnership that flourishes and growth with time, rather than one of survival or convenience.  OK, enough about relationships!!! Back to my exciting adventure!!! 🙂

So, I leave on June 17th from Vancouver to Moncton.  I am there until at least the end of August…unless I get truly homesick or run out of money. haha! 🙂  Along with New Brunswick, I plan on visiting Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  I hope to get to Newfoundland, but we shall see how it goes.  I will be updating the website on a regular basis with posts and pictures to tell you all about my trip!  It is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to share it with you!

If you have any advice or tips on places to see, or great places to eat…please share!!!

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