Do Empaths Have Mood Swings?

faces 2What is an empath? Do they have mood swings?

This is a person who is quite sensitive to the emotions, feelings or thoughts of people, places, or animals.    Quite often someone will say something to an empath and they will be able to tell whether or not this person is sincere or if they are keeping something back.  They are also able to experience other people’s ailments.

For example, I will quite often actually feel physical pain in my body that doesn’t belong to me like a sore knee or a spot in my back, anxiety or headaches.

So, do they have mood swings?  I think that every person has mood swings, but for an empath the definition could be a bit different.  Speaking from experience, I can say that the “mood swings’ would vary (in intensity and frequency) depending on one’s level of awareness.

What I mean is that now that I am aware of how other people’s emotions or thoughts can affect me, I have learned ways of protecting my energy that help me from taking on other people’s energy.  This has helped a great deal in alleviating the “mood swings”.  I think that before I became more aware of this, my moods would be way more volatile.  My poor husband!  I’m sure at some point he thought I was crazy.  😉

Is there benefits of being an empath if you have to deal with all these emotions?  Sure!  For one, you are able to pick up on people’s true intentions.  This helps with a lot of  different things like making new friends, finding new jobs, meeting potential boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.  I’ll try and give an example.

It’s like meeting someone for the first time and you either really like them or you really don’t like them.  There is no logical reason for either circumstance, and you don’t know anything about them.  But just from the short conversation you had, you get that feeling, that first impression of the person.  In a sense, this is your empathic ability coming forward to tell you about this other person you have just met.  Depending on how empathic you are, you will be able to pick up more information about this person.

Empaths are generally great listeners as well.  Something that happens to me quite often is that I will have complete strangers start talking to me about quite personal things.  This really happens a lot to me.  I’ll be walking through the mall or standing in line at the grocery store and someone around me will strike up a conversation and end up telling me things they are struggling with at the time.  I in turn will listen and try to give them the advice they are seeking.  I guess you could see this as a hindrance rather than a positive, but I love to help people and it makes me feel good to be able to help a complete stranger.

Being an empath and recognizing that I am an empath has been a interesting journey.  Especially with the mood swings. 🙂

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7 Responses to “Do Empaths Have Mood Swings?”

  • Hi Drea!

    I laughed when I saw this. Do we ever!! LOL!

    Wishing you great success with the mail readings; and your site looks wonderful.

    Thankfully, I didn’t sign on to do email reads; as my site and email link have been problematic. Hopefully, it’s fixed again.

    Warmest regards,

  • mili:

    this article sounds so much like me! I always feel other peoples emotions so strongly and have since I was really young. And everyone always seems to want advice from me and I have many people tell me that they love asking me for advice even though it does get a bit too much sometimes because it drains my energy. Also even if I dont know someone well, I feel like I can read into them.

  • Drea:


    It’s always great to practice blocking people’s energy. This way you can have a rest at “feeling” other people. My favorite is visualizing a bubble around me that the energy from other people bounces of off. 🙂

  • Teresa:

    When I’m around my mom, she’s super intense and HORRIBLE! i get into fights with her. She’s so …overwhelming. I don’t know how to get rid of it even tho i’ve trying for one month -_- Yes, I’m an empath.

  • Kristy McCammon:

    I just recently discovered that I am an empath and. A HSP I’ve struggled all my life to try and not be so sensitive. I have a very difficult time trying not to let my emotions take over me. I would love to learn more on both of these subjects. I really feel I need my energy cleared, but unfortunately. Can’t afford it. I feel so drained

    • Drea:

      Hi Kristy,

      One thing to think about is looking at being sensitive as empowering. It is a great skill to have and when you learn to use it without feeling drained it will be very powerful for you. Maybe you could look at trying to find a chakra clearing meditation to help clear out your aura. I do this on a regular basis to keep balanced and grounded. Hope this helps!

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