What is the Third Eye?

Third EyeAnytime you get around psychics you’ll hear them talk about the “Third Eye”.  What exactly is the third eye?

As someone who is developing their psychic abilities, I have really learned the importance of getting clear on definitions of words, and not just assuming you know what it is by guessing.  So today I decided to really dig into the phrase “Third Eye” to find out what it means.

The Third Eye is a symbol which can be referred to as the eye of knowledge or it can symbolize a state of enlightenment.  It also is known as a portal to higher consciousness.  People associate the Third Eye with clairvoyance, precognition, visions and even out of body experiences.

The Third Eye is located between the eye brows and has been suggested to be the same as the Pineal Gland.  It is associated with the colour indigo and is the 6th Chakra.  If you want to open or balance the Third Eye, some of the things you can try are meditation, relaxation, visualization, or yoga.

To me personally, the Third Eye is the gateway to a spiritual connection between oneself and their higher self/spirit guides.

What does the Third Eye mean to you?

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One Response to “What is the Third Eye?”

  • To me the third eye signifies “intuitive/psychic” vision. When we see with our regular eyes, the eyes send a signal to the brain and we see a vision of what our eyes saw. When we see with the third eye, the third eye sends a signal to our brain and we see a vision of what our third eye saw.

    To me this is similar to dreaming. Obviously while we dream our eyes are closed and we should be seeing nothing but blackness, yet in our dreams we can see all kinds of things. Similarly we can see things through our third eye.


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