Why Can’t I Eat Meat?

eatmeatOK, so for the past couple of weeks my life have been completely upside down.  I’ve started opening myself up a lot and with that some really weird and really funny things have been happening to me.  I’ve been in 2 car accidents (neither caused by me), spilled numerous things on people, had spirits visit me and even had them tapping me on the shoulder while in the car!  These types of things are becoming a daily norm for me, which I am totally OK with.  🙂

However, the latest thing that has taken me completely by surprise, is the inability to consume any meat products.  What the shit??? LOL!

This started just under a week ago and I don’t know if I will be able to explain it exactly, but I will try.  It started out with feeling like I can sense the energy difference between the meat and the veggies.  Like the meat felt denser than the veggies did, energy wise.  Another way to explain this I guess would be the difference between heavy and light…if that makes sense.  Now it is to the point that I can’t stomach it.  I get VERY queasy after the first bite.  It is quite bizarre!

And the veggies?   They taste so good!! I’ve always eaten vegetables, but this is very different!  It’s like they are singing when I eat them!!!

Is it psychological, you ask?  I am sure that it isn’t.  I didn’t have any bad experiences with meat or get food poisoning or even just a cold/flu.  This just happened, almost overnight.  I really feel that this is spiritual and I am looking forward to a vegetarian lifestyle! This is something that I would not have been able to say a year ago.

I was a meat and potatoes kind of gal.  Now I think I will be eating fish…crazy!  I have never liked fish, ever!  But I have been totally drawn to it in the last week.  I’ve had it once this past week…and plan to have it more often.  🙂

Can’t wait to see what’s next!  Or can I?

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7 Responses to “Why Can’t I Eat Meat?”

  • Bart:

    Wow Drea this is new, looks like your inner spirit is really poking out and re-aligning your beliefs. Good luck with your new diet, Veggies Rock!


  • The closest I’ve come to this is when I travel to the US and eat meat there. It’s very hard to eat it for me. As soon as I try to eat it, I feel like there’s something wrong with the meat. Most of the meat in Canada hasn’t created that kind of reaction with me…yet. 🙂

    There is one restaurant through here in Canada, close to where I live, Olive Garden, where I felt the same thing about the meat. Every time I would eat there I would feel like there was something wrong with the meat like it was spoiled or something bad with it.

    Then a few weeks back we were talking to the manager there and he mentioned that they get all their meat from the US. 🙂

    Maybe the meat in the US has a much lower energy to it than Canadian meat for some reason.


  • I can relate to this…in a way. When the bulk of my changes started occurring a little more than a year ago, I was a complete diet coke addict. One day, I just stopped drinking it cold turkey. No explanation. No motivation. Just stopped.

    A year later, the small amount of caffeine I get from iced tea and chocolate is messing with me. Red meat has always wreaked havoc on my system, but so far, I can still eat chicken and pork. (And in truth, I still eat red meat on rare occasions…I just pay for it later.)

    I get what you’re saying about the energy content of food. For me, the vibe from chicken and veggies is roughly the same, but I honestly think that’s because the dietary needs for each person varies based on their gifts. Unless we’re talking about processed foods…no one needs a heavy diet of those. 🙂


  • Drea:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for visiting!

    I have been testing the waters a bit when it comes to red meat and chicken and so far I haven’t been able to get back to either of them. Seafood seems to work, which I’ve hated all my life!!! 🙂

    I think you might be onto something with the dietary needs being dependent to your abilities. Maybe the more epathic/sensitive you are, the harder it is to eat meat? At least meat that has been treated badly?

    Food for thought! 😉

  • Drea:

    Hi Bart!

    Veggies do rock! I’ve always loved them, but now I can really feel the energy from them! It’s pretty cool!

  • It’s so weird you say that because I’ve been craving crab cakes for months now…and I don’t eat seafood. At all. Any of it.

  • Reta:

    Glad to see that you are becoming enlightened about food…there are many good books on the subject, however, the best thing is to listen to your body…. I am glad to see that you are doing that…Take care and keep your colon clean!!! haha love and namaste, me

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