Stuck On Your Spiritual Path?

When starting out or continuing our spiritual path it’s important to be clear on why we are doing this.

What is the outcome?  Short term or long term goals?

It can be easy to lose sight of why we are working on growing spiritually if we don’t have a reason or multiple reasons why.  If you are feeling stuck on your path or not sure where to go with your own personal growth take a look at why you may want to make changes in your life.  Some examples of a few “why’s” are:

  • to heal from the past or present
  • to find your purpose
  • to build a business
  • to relieve stress or anxiety
  • to create more happiness in life
  • to create better relationships

When we have our goals or chief aims defined it makes it easier for us to look at the steps involved in getting there.  One of the first goals I started out with was to heal from my past and present.  So I took that goal and I asked myself, “Where do I go from here?”.  When you ask that question, you will more than likely get an answer or many answers as to where to go next.  All you need is one step.  Then once you take that step, the next step follows.  My first step on my healing journey was to take my Reiki Level One.  From there I branched into many different avenues.  You just need to take that first step.  Whether it be to take a class, read a book, meditate, clean your house, sell your car…just take that first step.  Then you can take the next step…and the next and next.

My life completely changed after I took my Reiki Level One class.  It didn’t happen all at once, but as I needed it to.  I am still on my journey and will be until the end of my time here.  As we continue on our path our goals change, and we want to look at re-defining or changing our goals on a regular basis.  As we change, our goals will change.  It’s very exciting really.  We get to re-create or create new adventures and experiences in our lives!

This is something you can choose to do on your own, or with help from someone.  I did both.  I worked on myself through healing and awareness of thoughts, and I also received mentoring and healing from a select few mentors.  I found that this was a great combination and it worked well for me.  One thing to remember is to be patient, and kind with yourself.  Also, to understand that it doesn’t always happen with one session (this would be rare).   Once we get clear on where we want to go, there is usually some work to do energetically to clear out old energy or beliefs.  This takes time, which is great!  We are able to enjoy the scenery on the way to where we are going!

If you are looking for help with clarity on your path or with clearing out energy that isn’t serving you anymore, booking a session could be your next step!

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