Balancing The Chakras With Gemstones

Working with gemstomes is a great way to balance your chakras.  They are believed to have the power to open, close and rebuild damaged chakras.  You can use them on a solitary basis or combine the use of them with any of the healing modalities you have in your tool belt.

Each of the seven major chakras have one or several gemstones associated with them.  It is important that when you are using gemstones, that you learn to clean, clear and program your stones, which should be done on a regular basis.

When you first choose your stones, from a trusted seller, one of the first things you will want to look at is clearing and cleaning your stones.  Since they may have traveled many miles and have been through many hands, it’s important that the stone you will be using is clean and clear.  They will then be ready for programing.

When using them for clearing or healing the Chakras, they are generally placed directly on the Chakra points but may be placed around the body to increase the flow of energy.  One thing to keep in mind is that they should never be placed on open wounds.

When we work on balancing our Chakras, this allows for a release of excess energy, redistribution of energy, or even an energy boost.  People that balance their Chakras on a regular basis often report increased energy, improved sleeping patterns, balanced emotions, and live a more positive fuller life.

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