Are There Enough Clients For All The Healers Out There?

We are all unique.

We all have gifts and talents that differ from each other that make us unique in what we do and who we are.  One of the things that I believe in and have told my clients, friends and family is that when picking a healer / mentor / intuitive; pick someone that you resonate with.  Choose this person because you are drawn to them, have a feeling of familiarity, trust, or comfort with them.

You might not even know why you are drawn to that person in that moment, and this is OK.  By being true to who you are, and allowing the process of finding your healer to happen, elevation happens.  You open yourself up to new possibilities, healing and vibrational elevation/evolution.

Don’t rob yourself of this experience.

Which takes me back to the fact that we are all unique.

We all have gifts and talents that differ from each other that make us unique in what we do and who we are. 

I create an environment and surround myself with people that are supportive and celebrate our success.  The competition we create is within ourselves, not with others.  I don’t believe in fear based competition. 

I believe there are enough clients for all the healers out there and there is a perfect healer for every client.

My clients come to see me because I offer something different, something that they are looking for and resonate with on a soul level.  It isn’t because of a flyer in the mail, a coupon or discount.  Not because my rate is higher or lower than others.  Not because I am better or worse than others.

For example, if you don’t want to make changes, take 100% responsibility in your life and what you have created thus far, have ulterior motives or are looking for a way to entertain yourself, then I am probably not the right intuitive healer for you.

I can help you get to where you need to be, to help you find yourself, and give you clarity on all aspects of life.  I can help you raise your vibration, release your limiting beliefs, and lead a more positive fulfilling life.  If that is what you are looking for, then I am most likely the right healer for you.

Every client and healer is at a different stage in their evolution.  It is important to find one that you resonate with, so they can help guide you in your evolution.




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6 Responses to “Are There Enough Clients For All The Healers Out There?”

  • Great post!! I completely agree with you. You have been the only person that I have been drawn to so far in my healing journey. I’ve had some pretty big changes happen in my life and I owe it to an amazing healer and to myself!! 🙂

  • Reta:

    Great note, Drea! I think that even as healers, etc we need to be around like-minded people who can also take care of us. Every month I meet with some of my Reiki friends and we do a session on each other. It is rejuvenating and it keeps us in touch and it often brings up something that we are working on or working through and it is so good to share, know that we are not alone and then clear out the old stuff…nothing like having good friends, whom you trust and love to help you see how you may have created some of the crap you may be sitting in, but NOT wallowing…haha and so to your question, yes, there are enough clients for all of us…I am more like you, direct, but that is who come to see me, the people who like frankness…I have a couple of more “kindly” friend healers, who do different kind of work and sometimes we refer to each other, it’s making sure our ego doesn’t get in the way of working with someone. As my Reiki teacher said, years ago, to me…when you are doing energy work with someone, it is the most intimate work you can do, so let go and let the Creative Influence work with and through you or let the client go to someone who you believe has the talent, skills and energy to assist them. I hope I made sense and someday soon, it will be my turn to take one of your workshops…LOL Namaste and Love, Reta

    • Drea:

      It is important to be around like-minded people and share in a positive, open environment, for sure! We host a monthly share here as well which is lots of fun! Every person that comes to the share is unique in what they do and I love that they can come and share and be comfortable being the unique healer that they are!


  • Awesome article Andrea! So totally true 🙂 We are all here for a reason and are all special. Finding the right healer for you in a certain part of your journey is important, I know I have done the same on my journey and am finding this is also true for various clients as well! We all have something to offer and it is our intention to serve the highest good of a person in their healing journey that is the ultimate goal, whether it is with us or not 🙂

    Good job Champion!
    Agata Klein´s last blog post ..One day left to register! Intuitive Development Workshop

    • Drea:

      Glad you enjoyed! Totally agree with what you are saying, which is why I love
      having other healers business cards available for my clients.



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