Looking To Lose Those Limiting Beliefs?

How many of us make resolutions we don’t follow through on?  Or want to make changes in our lives but can’t seem to get there.  Life happens right?  We get busy with work, family, errands, exercise and other time consuming chores.  But is it really just life?  Could we be making decisions in our lives that are distracting us from what we really want?  Decisions that keep us caught up in the routine of daily life?

Many of the clients I see have limiting beliefs they want to change but don’t really know where to start doing that.  There are affirmations that we can work on integrating into our conscious mind but how do we get to our subconscious and really make changes that stick?  Should we be hoping that these changes take place?  It would be better to know that we are accessing the part of the mind that really matters when it comes to concrete changes in our lives.

It’s great to integrate affirmations into our lives, but the traditional ways of doing so only accesses the conscious mind which is responsible for a very small (less than 10%) portion of the decisions we make.  The subconscious mind is where we hold most of our beliefs and the ways of properly accessing this part of the brain are few and far between.

Limiting beliefs are those that hold us back from what we want.  Most of the time they are completely irrational and reside in our subconscious mind.  In a lot of cases the specific subconscious limiting belief that is actually holding us back is something we wouldn’t dream in a million years would be responsible for holding us back.  Why?  Simply because the subconscious mind isn’t the rational part of the mind.  It is sensory thinking…visual, auditory, feelings.  That is the language of the subconscious.  So, lets talk that language then!

Over the past weekend I was given the opportunity to learn that language.  It is something that my husband has been trained in for years now and we both love this tool.  It’s a tool called PSYCH-K and I just love what it does!  Up until now I would refer my clients to my husband when they wanted to change their beliefs and some would take him up on the sessions, but over the past while I’ve really been drawn to this tool and many of my clients have asked me if I could start to do it.  So, I listened!

I am now integrating PSYCH-K into many of my healing sessions as well as offering them on their own.  In the past week I’ve had clients already see changes, which is something that I just love to see!  Exciting stuff!

If you are interested in a session or if you have any questions about PSYCH-K, feel free to contact me!


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