Love Is All You Need


This month is all about love and Valentine’s Day.  We focus on showing love for spouses, family and friends, but what about love for ourselves?  Maybe we can think about showing ourselves a little more love and kindness!

Many of us struggle with self-love and really focusing on ourselves and what we need.  How often do you get time to sit down and think about how great of a person you are, and what you have to offer the world?  Instead we go about our day beating ourselves up, criticizing what we do and second guessing every move we make.  It’s time to be kind!

Are you searching for love outside of yourself?  How many times have you thought or said, ” I wish my husband (or significant other) would show me more love…would be more romantic…would compliment me more…?”.  Yes it’s nice to receive love and compliments, but ask yourself if this is where your sense of security and self-worth is stemming from?  Why is it that you hope and wait to hear compliments from others, but not give them to yourselves?

But how do we love ourselves?  How do we change this?  We first become aware of what our thoughts are.  What we are thinking about ourselves is very important.  If we are constantly beating up on ourselves, stop and ask why.  Where is this thought coming from?  What is the belief around it?  Has someone said this to you in the past, and you have adopted this belief as your own?

Start looking at where in your life you are feeling unsatisfied and start making changes.  Do you work at a job that you hate?  Do you have relationships that don’t bring value to your life?  What are your passions?  What do you love to do?  Why aren’t you doing the things you love to do?  What is stopping you?

Yes, there are many questions to ask ourselves and sure, some of them are tough to find the answers for.

How long can you keep avoiding looking for the answers and keep living a life that you are unhappy with?  How much time will pass by before you realize that receiving love from others REALLY starts with you loving yourself unconditionally?

What are you waiting for?


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