Photo Of A Ghost?

A good friend of mine went to Montreal, Canada on a trip and she came back with an interesting photo!

She and her husband were in their hotel room at the time the photo was taken.  She happened to be in the washroom, and her husband was taking pictures of the room with his digital camera.  Their hotel was located beside an old church within Montreal.  We aren’t really sure what to make of the photo, so I thought I would post it here and get some feedback!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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3 Responses to “Photo Of A Ghost?”

  • Looks Like a Ghostly Figure to me, The scary thing is it’s a shadowy figure, i’ve seen images of “smoke Like” figures In fact before we moved Into the house we live in now My father caught a “smoke Like” figure on his cell phone in the basement. The shadowy figures always give me a little more concern though.

    • Drea:

      Hi Rich!

      Thanks for the comment! Could you explain why the shadowy figures concern you? What’s the difference between smokey and shadowy figures?


  • Lara:

    Any other comments or insight? My husband took the photo and we are completely perplexed by it. He was taking photos of the room, just playing with the settings because our photos hadn’t been turning out, they were either too dark or too blurry. Later on in the night I looked back at some of the photos and saw this one. My husband had no idea how it got there. He was just taking a photo of an empty space towards the TV cabinet, playing with different light settings for the camera. The cabinet is shut and the figure is blocking the light. It doesn’t look even remotely similar to my husband or me. I would love some more feedback if anyone has a comment or insight.

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