Is Maui Tired?


I was recently in Maui, which happens to be one of my favorite places to go, and I noticed something different about the island while I was there this time.

Maui felt tired.

So…how do I explain this?  In the past, when I had visited, Maui was a much quieter island.    While I was there, I was able to connect with my surroundings and feel at peace and the energy of the island was so much different.  It felt alive.  If you couldn’t feel it, you could see it.  You could see the life in the surroundings, the lush green rain-forest, the fragrant air, and all the beautiful colours.

Over the past 10-15 years it has really built up and become a much busier place to be.  There are a lot more tourists, and many more people residing there.  When comparing Maui from 3 years ago to now, I could really feel the difference and an even bigger difference from 10 years ago.  This time it felt drained there.  Like the life is being sucked out of it.

Here is another comparison that is similar to what I am explaining.  Think about eating a meal full of fresh vegetables.  Picture your plate with all different kinds of vegetables, different colours.  How do you feel after eating a meal like that?  Light, energized, ready to go, right?  Now think about eating a Big Mac with Large Fries and a Large Coke from McDonald’s.  How do you feel after you eat that?  Tired, upset stomach, indigestion, among other things.

This is the difference I am talking about.  The energy you feel from those two meals are completely different.  The energy I felt from Maui was completely different.  This is something I like to do when I go to different places; get a feeling of the place I am in or of the people around me.

Have you ever felt a difference in energy when visiting a place multiple times?

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3 Responses to “Is Maui Tired?”

  • Sean:

    Oddly enough, there are not very many visitors compared to 3 years ago…

  • Drea:

    Hi Sean,

    Do you live in Maui? When I was there 3 years ago, the island seemed way quieter than on my current trip. Maybe I just hit a busy pocket when more tourists are there. It was a different time of year that I was there 3 years ago compared to this trip.
    Do you think there is another reason why the energy of the island seemed “off” this time?

    Thanks for visiting!!

  • Alyssa:

    Hi Drea: My name is Alyssa and I recently found your blog. I looked for contact information but wasn’t able to find it and I have a quick question for you if you wouldn’t mind emailing me 🙂 You can reach me at Thanks!

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