Aura Clearing and Psychic Protection Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to clear and maintain a balanced aura.  We will talk about chakras, as well as touch on the different colours of auras and their meanings.  We will also go into depth on protecting your aura and surrounding space and keep it free from lower vibrational energies.  If you are looking to feel good, create a more vibrant energetic life as well as a happy home then this a great workshop to get started!  Space is limited so reserve your seat early.

Cost: $65.00


Location: Maple Ridge, BC

7pm – 930pm

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Intuitive Sound Healing Workshop

Are you ready to take your healing abilities to the next level?

Do you want to learn how intuition and sound can be incorporated into your healing practice?

In this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • how to perform emotional clearing/healing through the use of chakras, sounds and pendulums
  • how to become clear on harnessing your intuitive ability to detect client problems
  • how to access Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters to guide you through the healing
  • how to access the inner self and the still mind in order to enhance your healings
  • how to incorporate sound healing into your sessions

This one-day workshop will expand your horizons and allow you to open yourself up to different ways of healing.  Join me in a comfortable environment with like-minded people and take your healing ability to a new level.  Seating is limited so register today to save your spot.  Cost is only $195.

Sept 24th, 2016

11am – 4pm

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Develop your Intuition – Level One

Looking for help with your Intuitive Journey?

In this workshop, learn to break through barriers that are holding you back from walking your path.  Find new tools to help you combat negativity, fear and obligation.  Connect to your inner self by learning ways to heal yourself, understanding the importance of truth speaking and learning how to let go.

What are you waiting for?

Join me in a safe and sacred space to open yourself to the love of the Universe.

Cost: $85.00

Date:  TBA

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

12pm – 5pm

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Past Life Workshop

Many of us wonder what our past lives were like and how they relate to us in this lifetime.  We will start this workshop with a meditation to help us clear and connect.  We will discuss what a soulmate is, how they relate to us in 2016, as well as how to decipher when soulmates cross paths.  You will get multiple chances to do past life readings with a partner during the workshop.  Drea will conclude the afternoon with a past life reading demonstration.

Cost: $65.00

8 spots available

Date: TBA

1pm until 5pm

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

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Reiki Level One

Available to 4 students, this level one Reiki class will provide a deep understanding of Reiki and the importance of the Self – Healing energy this level brings.

We will discuss the history of Reiki, as well as learn self healing techniques and hand placements.  There will be a relaxation meditation taught to help you on your way.  You will also receive your first attunement, which includes the first powerful Reiki symbol.

Students will be given practice time to become comfortable with using the first symbol and the strong energy it harnesses.  We will practice self healing as well as healing on others.  Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Level One Reiki Certificate.

Cost: $165.00

Date: November 12th, 2016

10am until 4pm

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

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Reiki Level Two

In level two, you will learn two very powerful symbols, one of which is for Distance Reiki.  You will learn how to write them, and how to direct their energy during your healing sessions.  We will do a guided meditation to clear out blockages and help you to get to the next level in your journey.

In this class we will explore hands on treatment of others and really dive into the symbols and what they can do for you and others.

We will also be covering setting up your treatment space and Reiki client sessions for those who wish to focus on their practitioner training.  Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Level Two Reiki Certificate.

Pre-requisite:  Reiki Level One, 21 day self healing cleanse, 8 hours of practice time on others.


Date: November 19th,2016

10am until 4pm

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

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Reiki Master Class

This class is for the Level Two student wishing to become a professional Reiki practitioner and one who wants to connect to the next level of energy.  We will discuss how to connect to and bring in the energy of other spiritual healers, Reiki Masters, and other high vibrational energies.

There will be a detailed discussion about the Reiki principals, Level One and Two symbols as well as how our emotions play a role in our healing sessions.  You will receive an attunement of the strongest Reiki symbol.

There will be hands on practice throughout the class as well as working on clients brought in for treatment. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Reiki Master Certificate.

Limit is 2 students per class.

Pre-requisite:  Interview with teacher will determine eligibility.


Upon Request

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

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Looking For Purpose, Passion and Change This Year?

To New Beginnings!

What I would like to offer to anyone that is interested in changing their lives, finding more purpose, happiness, love and gratitude, is a series based healing/intuitive package. These sessions with be completely tailored to you as an individual and will be as unique to you as you are to the world!  They are really all about helping you find what you need to get you to move forward this Year.

You will start by committing to 8 sessions, one per week, at 60 minutes in length. I want to help people move forward and take that first step, so I have really kept the cost to you very affordable.  Per session, the cost will be $65 and your total commitment over the 8 weeks is $520.00

It’s a great time to start to make changes in your life; an exciting time for transformation and growth.

I can help you get there.

Contact me to get started

Testimonial from a client…

From Tracey G. – Vancouver, BC

These sessions for me were life changing.  I was able to let go of relationships that no longer served me, became completely open to change and noticed more positive things happening in my life.  I have renewed energy, my body feels better and I look forward to what is yet to come!  Thank you Drea!

Beginner’s Intuitive Mentoring Sessions

I’ve decided to offer an Intuitive Mentoring Sessions for people that are interested in developing their intuitive abilities.  This course will be both for people who want to develop their intuition on a professional basis, as well as those who want to develop their intuition to help with improving their everyday lives. For more information, click here. 
Psychic Readings & Energy Healing

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