Spiritual Alignment Connection (S.A.C.) is a very powerful form of energy healing and balancing which helps to re-connect and bring into balance the four levels of our whole being – the physical, mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

The process involves the practitioner focusing a flow of high level, 5th dimensional energy into the auric energy field of the client. This process is broken up into five individual sessions, with the first set of balancing frequencies initiated during your first session. These balancing frequencies continue to work on your auric field long after your sessions are over, and help to balance out and unite your whole being.

People who have experienced the S.A.C. process report some or all of the following benefits:

  • increase in self esteem
  • increase in energy levels
  • feeling unstuck
  • greater clarity
  • more inner peace
  • greater sense of inner balance
  • shifts in their physical healing process
  • expansion and activation of inner abilities
  • greater connection to Source
  • greater abilities to manifest
  • alignment between spirit, mind, body and emotions

What to Expect at an S.A.C. Session

During your S.A.C. session, you will be lying down on a comfortable Reiki/Massage table, fully clothed, with a pillow under your neck as the practitioner does the S.A.C. balancing work.

Please  make sure to wear warm, comfortable clothes.  The practitioner will work around the table, doing the balancing work, mostly hands-off, but sometimes also using light touch.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, and there will be time for questions and answers after each session.  Ideally the five sessions should be booked over a relatively short time frame for the highest benefit.

Typically 1-2 sessions per week is ideal to complete the process within 3-5 weeks.

How to Book a Session

Your investment for the entire S.A.C. process is just $333 for all five sessions.  Simply pay with the button below, and/or contact me using my contact form for more information.

Use the button below to make your payment:

** You may also pay via cash or cheque in person. Please contact to make arrangements.

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