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Is It Time for You to Go After Your Dreams?

As I sit here in Maui, enjoying this magnificent view, I pause to think about how just 5 years ago I was stuck at a dead-end job, unhappy, and frustrated.

Even just the idea of being able to travel and vacation like this, seemed like an impossible dream to me at that time.

I’m so thankful that my husband Paul encouraged me to embrace starting my own Blog / Website where I could build my own brand, share my thoughts and ideas, and to eventually be able to offer my services to people who need my help.

I have to admit that at first the technology side of it was challenging for me, and it took some time to figure everything out.

But it was so worth it.

Having a Blog / Website like this allows me to travel, enjoy myself, and to continue to inspire my customers and blog subscribers to pursue their dreams, while I’m living mine.

It allows me to teach through example, and to share my ideas even when I’m thousands of miles away from home.

What’s even more exciting is that unlike when I first started my Blog back in 2009, today with the Kalatu Branding Station system that is now available the whole process of setting up your own Blog / Website is SO MUCH easier!

Just a couple of weeks ago I watched my sister setup her Blog on Kalatu in a matter of just a few minutes!

What used to take months of do, can now be done in minutes with Kalatu.

I was blow away how easy they have now made it to get started.

For any of you who are feeling stuck or frustrated at your jobs that you may not even like, I strongly recommend getting started with a Kalatu Blog right away.

Even if you don’t yet know exactly what you want to be doing or what your passion is, just get started with something like I did back in 2009 and figure it out along the way.

It’s very affordable, and it could be the first step to YOU reaching out and manifesting the freedom you deserve in your life.

To learn more about Kalatu check out the video at this link:

When you click on this link, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll watch a video that introduces you to some other people who have completely transformed their lives by building a home based business with a Blog, and it will introduce you to the Kalatu Branding Station and the people behind it.

If after watching the video you do decide to get started, you will also be added to our team where my husband and I help new bloggers who are just getting started.


Maui Revisited

I have a few more days here in Maui.  What a beautiful place!  If you can get into the groove of the energy here, its really fantastic.   Very laid back and take it easy energy.

The energy of the island feels quite good.  Much of the land is lush and green this time too.  I’ve been here many times before and there has been much drought and lots of worry about water.   The energy seems to be a bit lighter this time.

Whales in MauiThe whales have been very active here which has been fun to watch!  I love seeing the mom’s teach their babies to jump out of the water and slap their tails on the surface.  It’s really cute!

We have seen many chickens on the Island too! Mummas with their babies and roosters just hanging out.  There are a lot of them!

Last night we had a gorgeous sunset.  I think it was my favorite one.  We were eating dinner out on the lanai and I stopped to just sit and watch.  The lighting was unexplainable.  I was in awe.  I didn’t take any pictures of it.  I really wanted to focus on being present in the moment of witnessing that creation.  It was just beautiful.

All in all this has been a great trip.  I highly recommend at least one visit to these beautiful Islands.  They are all different but equally beautiful in their uniqueness.



Winter, Maritimes Style!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that January 2011 is already near it’s end!

I’ve been enjoying my time here in Moncton during the winter months.  We had a fairly rough storm yesterday that brought lots of snow and some strong winds.  Looking out the window today you see a much different story!  It’s a beautiful sunny, but cold Saturday afternoon.

Many people have told me that I wouldn’t last here through the winter when they hear I am from British Columbia and have never seen a winter out here.  Although the winter is only half done here, I am really having a good time!

My husband Paul came out to visit for a couple of weeks and had a really nice time.  The weather at that time wasn’t the greatest as we had a few strong storms and weren’t able to travel very much.  I was able to take him over to Prince Edward Island and around a bit of the surrounding area of Moncton.  We did a bit of winter hiking on some of the great trails they have here, which is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time!  I introduced him to some of the great people I have met out here and he was welcomed in true Maritime style.  🙂

I’ve posted a few pictures below of his visit as well as some winter pictures!


A New Place!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted…this is because I’ve been busy moving!

I had decided to get my own little place while I’m here.  I found a great 1 bedroom basement suite.  Over the last week and a bit I have been busy moving and setting up my new place.  It has been quite busy!

Here’s a great little story about sending an intention/desire out to the universe and letting go of it and trusting the universe to provide!

When I first got here, I would walk down to a local grocery that has some basic things you can get.  It isn’t far at all, just down at the end of the street.  One day as I was walking back from the store I saw this little cute little white house with lots of beautiful flower gardens in the yard.

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What About My Marriage?!?

CoupleI’ve decided to stay a while longer here in New Brunswick as I feel that I have more to learn here.  I originally had planned to come home the end of August, early September, but now I am staying until at least October.  With the possibility of staying as long as a year.  I have been getting intuitive feelings about being here for a while longer over the past couple of weeks and as hard as it is to be away from home, it really feels so right to stay.

So, let’s talk about that a bit because I’m sure some of you out there are puzzled at the fact that I have a husband in Vancouver, and are wondering how I could leave him there and be here for so long.  Or even how he could be supportive of the fact that I want to stay here for so long.

I have told a few people and I have been getting very mixed reactions, which is quite interesting.  The majority of people assume that Paul and I are splitting up, and even after reassuring them that we aren’t, are still decided that we are splitting up.  I am thinking that it is hard for people to understand the way we work as a couple.

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I think one of my biggest challenges so far here on my trip is learning to be completely alone.  More than that, it’s being alone and being OK with being alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I am quite independent and I am often doing things on my own a lot of the time.

Alone 2-1But the difference here I think is that I am now making decisions on what I want to do without outside influences.

Here’s an example.  Five O’ clock rolls around and I start to think about dinner.  What do I want for dinner?  Normally I would consider what my husband might want for dinner and make something that I know he will like.  And I would do this without thinking.

I’ve had to rethink and retrain myself to decide on things based on what I want, what I like, or what I feel like doing.  This is something totally foreign to me!  What DO I want?  What DO I like to do?  These questions that seem so common, have really stumped me at times!
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Finding My Happy Place

FirefliesLast night I experienced something truly amazing.

I decided to go and stay in a cottage nestled within 400 acres of forested land.  It was a very beautiful place, quiet and peaceful.  The people I was staying with mentioned that the fireflies would be out that evening and that I should take a look out the window once dusk came.  I thought that was pretty cool and figured I would take a look later on.

As dusk approached, I saw a single firefly, which was pretty neat.  I’ve only seen them a couple of times before, so it was kind of neat to see them again.  It was pretty cute…how it was blinking along.  I waited about 15 minutes, just watching this lonely firefly dancing around in the air having a good time.

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Canada Day…Moncton Style!

I’ve been all over New Brunswick over the past few weeks, but I decided to celebrate Canada Day in Moncton.  I had a great time taking in the sights, visiting with the local people and listening to some awesome music.  Below are some of the pictures I took to capture the essence of celebrating Canada Day…Moncton Style!

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Moncton…I Have Arrived!

I arrived in Moncton a couple of days ago and I am pretty much settled in now.  My flight got in quite late Thursday night and I have been adjusting to the time change and climate change for the last couple of days.  🙂  I am staying with a very nice couple who have made me feel right at home here in Moncton.

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