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NEW! Transformational Counselling Sessions



I’ve decided to start offering a new service.  I think that this service will be beneficial to many, but especially to those who are seeking tools to help them better their lives and relationships.

This 2 hour session will be tailored to your specific needs and will enable you to move past energetic and emotional blocks so that you can start creating the life you want.  These sessions will help you understand more about your life and gain a greater understanding of what is holding you back from the next step in your growth.  We will look at overcoming fears and re-aligning energy to better access the limitless energy that you deserve.

These sessions can be implemented at any point in your journey.  Whether you are just starting out or have reached a plateau and are looking for the next level, you can benefit from these sessions.

The cost of a transformational session is $200.

Contact me to book your session.



Top 3 Psychic Myths Revealed

crystal ballThere are many myths about psychics out there.  I am going to share with you the 3 most common myths I run into.

Myth #1 – Psychics can read your mind all the time!

Ok, for the most part this is myth.  Most psychics can’t read your mind all the time.  I’ve had my share of skeptics ask me what number they are thinking of, what your address is, or my personal favorite…what are the lottery numbers.  Now, when I say that this is a myth for the most part, there are times where I do get sentences or full thoughts word for word what people are thinking.  This doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

There are also people known to have the ability to be telepathic.  This is the ability to communicate with someone mentally.  It isn’t very often that I come across someone who has these abilities, but they are out there.  I have run into a few children who have the potential for this, but are usually not using the gift to their full potential.

The most common form of “mind reading” so to speak would be through reading someones energy.  Feeling the energy that comes from someone and then translating those feelings into thoughts.

 Myth #2 – Psychics can tell you your future

The future is not static.  The future can change.  It changes depending on the decisions you make.  I do believe that we are on certain paths that can lead to events along those paths.  Those events can for the most part be changed.

For example,  if you are in a relationship that is having problems, you can shift this energy.  You can work on the relationship if you want to.  The answer isn’t always black and white.  I receive details around the relationship and I can give information based on what is going on in the moment and how that will work on the path that you are headed on.  I can tell if the energy of certain paths feel heavy or light.  You have a choice to make changes, if you want to.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do see circumstances that happen in the future for people.  The point I am trying to make is that when you become aware of this information, that in itself, as well as any decisions you make from that information can change that actual future.

Myth #3 – Psychics don’t or shouldn’t need to ask questions

This one drives me a little bonkers sometimes. 😉

Sometimes reading energy can be challenging.  We get feelings, thoughts, spirits, pictures and sometimes this happens all at once!  When I am sitting down with a client there are many things happening and sometimes I need to ask for clarity on energy that is coming through.  Usually when the information comes in and I ask the client about it, they can relate to the information I am presenting.  Not always though.  Sometimes we have to dig a little in order to make sense of the energy that is presenting itself, and then it makes sense.

We are interpreting the energy and messages coming in.  We are translating the information we are seeing.  If we don’t ask questions to ensure we are reading the energy properly then we could potentially give incorrect information.  This is how I see it.

It’s important to also mention the flow of energy.  A lot of the time my clients are nervous when they come to see me.  I can usually work though this energy.  There are rare times when the nervousness and anxiety is so high that it blocks the information coming in.  It blocks the flow of energy.  It’s important to allow for this flow so that the energy/information can be accessed.  Asking a question or getting the client to ask a question can often open up that flow.

Sometimes when spirit comes in, the only way I can communicate with them is if we ask questions to them.  I will get my client to ask a question to the spirit and then I will hear an answer from the spirit.  The information that comes through doesn’t always just appear from the spirit.  In most cases it does, but not always.

So, the next time you have a reading, please keep this information in mind.  By knowing this information it allows for you be a better receiver which makes for a better reading.  My intention for every reading is to give the best information for you and your highest good.  Find someone that best resonates with you, that has great testimonials or is referred by someone.  When you have this information above and have that trust in the person you are seeing, you are opening yourself up to allow for a great experience.



Stuck On Your Spiritual Path?

When starting out or continuing our spiritual path it’s important to be clear on why we are doing this.

What is the outcome?  Short term or long term goals?

It can be easy to lose sight of why we are working on growing spiritually if we don’t have a reason or multiple reasons why.  If you are feeling stuck on your path or not sure where to go with your own personal growth take a look at why you may want to make changes in your life.  Some examples of a few “why’s” are:

  • to heal from the past or present
  • to find your purpose
  • to build a business
  • to relieve stress or anxiety
  • to create more happiness in life
  • to create better relationships

When we have our goals or chief aims defined it makes it easier for us to look at the steps involved in getting there.  One of the first goals I started out with was to heal from my past and present.  So I took that goal and I asked myself, “Where do I go from here?”.  When you ask that question, you will more than likely get an answer or many answers as to where to go next.  All you need is one step.  Then once you take that step, the next step follows.  My first step on my healing journey was to take my Reiki Level One.  From there I branched into many different avenues.  You just need to take that first step.  Whether it be to take a class, read a book, meditate, clean your house, sell your car…just take that first step.  Then you can take the next step…and the next and next.

My life completely changed after I took my Reiki Level One class.  It didn’t happen all at once, but as I needed it to.  I am still on my journey and will be until the end of my time here.  As we continue on our path our goals change, and we want to look at re-defining or changing our goals on a regular basis.  As we change, our goals will change.  It’s very exciting really.  We get to re-create or create new adventures and experiences in our lives!

This is something you can choose to do on your own, or with help from someone.  I did both.  I worked on myself through healing and awareness of thoughts, and I also received mentoring and healing from a select few mentors.  I found that this was a great combination and it worked well for me.  One thing to remember is to be patient, and kind with yourself.  Also, to understand that it doesn’t always happen with one session (this would be rare).   Once we get clear on where we want to go, there is usually some work to do energetically to clear out old energy or beliefs.  This takes time, which is great!  We are able to enjoy the scenery on the way to where we are going!

If you are looking for help with clarity on your path or with clearing out energy that isn’t serving you anymore, booking a session could be your next step!

Want To Have More Energy and Vitality in 2014?

Do you notice that after a day of being at work or shopping in the mall that you feel drained and have no energy?  Or how about when you have just had a lunch or dinner date with someone and feel like you could use a nap?  Sometimes we feel angry or frustrated or sad for no apparent reason.

These circumstances could be because you aren’t protecting your aura (or energy body) properly.  This is something that many of us are not aware of and is equally important in creating energy and vitality as eating well and sleeping properly are.

If you are interested in learning how to protect and clear your aura on a regular basis, then join me on January 12th, 2014 for this workshop.

Aura Clearing and Psychic Protection Workshop

In this workshop you will learn

  • how to clear and maintain a balanced aura
  • how to protect your energy in low vibration/chaotic environments such as shopping malls, meetings and events.
  • about chakras, as well as touch on the different colours of auras and their meanings.
  • how to protect your energy at home/workplace when seeing lower vibrational clients and/or visitors.

If you are looking to feel good, create a more vibrant energetic life as well as a happy home then this a great workshop to get started!  Space is limited so reserve your seat early.

Cost: $65.00

Date: January 12th, 2014

Location: Maple Ridge, BC

1pm – 5pm

Register Today


Are There Enough Clients For All The Healers Out There?

We are all unique.

We all have gifts and talents that differ from each other that make us unique in what we do and who we are.  One of the things that I believe in and have told my clients, friends and family is that when picking a healer / mentor / intuitive; pick someone that you resonate with.  Choose this person because you are drawn to them, have a feeling of familiarity, trust, or comfort with them.

You might not even know why you are drawn to that person in that moment, and this is OK.  By being true to who you are, and allowing the process of finding your healer to happen, elevation happens.  You open yourself up to new possibilities, healing and vibrational elevation/evolution.

Don’t rob yourself of this experience.

Which takes me back to the fact that we are all unique.

We all have gifts and talents that differ from each other that make us unique in what we do and who we are. 

I create an environment and surround myself with people that are supportive and celebrate our success.  The competition we create is within ourselves, not with others.  I don’t believe in fear based competition. 

I believe there are enough clients for all the healers out there and there is a perfect healer for every client.

My clients come to see me because I offer something different, something that they are looking for and resonate with on a soul level.  It isn’t because of a flyer in the mail, a coupon or discount.  Not because my rate is higher or lower than others.  Not because I am better or worse than others.

For example, if you don’t want to make changes, take 100% responsibility in your life and what you have created thus far, have ulterior motives or are looking for a way to entertain yourself, then I am probably not the right intuitive healer for you.

I can help you get to where you need to be, to help you find yourself, and give you clarity on all aspects of life.  I can help you raise your vibration, release your limiting beliefs, and lead a more positive fulfilling life.  If that is what you are looking for, then I am most likely the right healer for you.

Every client and healer is at a different stage in their evolution.  It is important to find one that you resonate with, so they can help guide you in your evolution.




In Person Readings In Moncton, NB

I am currently in Eastern Canada for the month of May and I am available for In Person Readings!

My rates will be the same as what is posted on the site and I have a private space available to use while I am here.  I can also travel in and around the Moncton area, if you are looking to get a group of people together for readings.

Please contact me for further information.


Looking For Purpose, Passion and Change This New Year?

Happy New Year!

2012 is all about new beginnings, new chapters and personal transformations.  If you have been thinking of change and growth in your life, this is the perfect year to do it!  It’s time for you to find purpose and connect to who you are and why you are here.  For some of you, the road might not be apparent or easy to find.  Remember that it isn’t about how to get there or where the road is, but more about just putting one foot in front of the other and just starting to walk.  The direction you take will most likely surprise you!

I’ve been thinking over the past couple of days about the energy that we are moving into this year and it is very exciting!  There will be a lot of movement happening all over the world.  I started to wonder about what I could do to help people get onto their path a bit easier.  To give you a bit of a jump-start if you are looking for change and purpose.  I came up with something that I’ve started implementing with some family and friends and I thought I would share the idea with you.

To New Beginnings!

What I would like to offer to anyone that is interested in changing their lives, finding more purpose, happiness, love and gratitude, is a series based healing/intuitive package. These sessions with be completely tailored to you as an individual and will be as unique to you as you are to the world!  They are really all about helping you find what you need to get you to move forward in the New Year.

You will start by committing to 8 sessions, one per week, at 30 minutes in length. I want to help people move forward and take that first step, so I have really kept the cost to you very affordable.  Per session, the cost will be $20 and your total commitment over the 8 weeks is $160.

It’s a great time to start to make changes in your life; an exciting time for transformation and growth.

I can help you get there.

Best wishes for a prosperous 2012! I wish you all love, happiness and health in this New Year!


Looking For A Unique Christmas Gift This Year?

Looking for something unique and different to give to family and friends this Christmas?

Consider the gift of insight or healing!

I am now offering gift certificates for my Psychic Readings and Energy Healing Sessions.

What’s more, as my gift to you, I am offering $20 off each of my Christmas Certificates, which means you can now purchase a one hour Psychic Reading Certificate or Energy Healing Certificate – valued at $85 for just $65.  If you are interested in a 30 minute session, I am offering $10 off each of my Christmas Certificates.

Shipping is available to you (at a minimal cost), as well as having a digital version you can print yourself.

One Hour Christmas Certificate

Thirty Minute Christmas Certificate


Referral Program

I was at the dentist last week and as I was waiting in the reception area I saw a sign on the wall that I thought was nice.  It said something to the effect of ‘the best form of flattery is for you to refer your family and friends’.

I really liked it and it got me thinking about implementing a referral program for clients that would love to send friends and family my way.

What I decided on doing is offer a free 15 minute Intuitive Session for every referral you wish to send me that books their own service.  If you decide to send more than one person my way, you can accumulate your free sessions and use them all at once or if you prefer, use them one at a time.  Your choice!

The best way to send a friend or family member to me is to send them to my Psychic Readings page.  🙂

What You Can Expect In A Psychic Reading

I’ve had many people ask me about what they should expect when getting a reading from me. One of the first things I tell them is to have no expectations.  None.  People can be surprised by this response.  Let me explain what I mean by this.

When I tune into your energy or higher self or guides, I will get messages for you. These messages are going to be what is important for you to hear at this time in your life.  A lot of the time they are messages to help you get to where you need to be in your life.  I am not able to control the message that comes through for you because it’s for you.  I’m just able to tune in and hear it.  Some of the time the questions you are seeking answers for will be answered in the message I get, and some times they won’t.

In regards to future, I tell people that future isn’t definite.  It can and often does change depending on which path a person chooses.  There are so many decisions people make on a daily basis that can alter their path.  I will read the energy around a future question and give you an answer based on what that energy is telling me at that specific time, which if I were to read even the next day, could be different.

All of my readings are done with love, no judgment and confidentiality.  I hope this helps answer any questions you might have about receiving a reading from me.  If not, please feel free to leave a question below and I will answer!

Psychic Readings & Energy Healing

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