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My New Healing Drums

I recently received 2 new drums to work with.  I am very excited about these drums and I just love the way they found me.  In March I asked the Universe to bring me a few new tools to use when doing my healing work.  I asked for a new “Blood Drum” and an eagle feather.  I put it out to the Universe and then let it go and waited until the right time.  I knew that the Universe would deliver, it was just a matter of time.

Just after the recent Lunar Eclipse (April 2015) that was also named the Blood Moon, I was looking on Facebook and I almost fell off my chair.  A friend of mine, who is also a great healer and intuitive/medium had just held a drum workshop.  She hosts a weekend event where you can make your own drum.  Well, she happened to make a few extra drums and posted them on Facebook for sale.  One of which was my Blood Drum.  I knew it was mine.  So I asked her if it was still for sale, and she said it was!  I told her it was for me and made arrangements to pick it up.

Here is a picture of it!


I fell in love with this drum as soon as I felt it.  I am finding that it works great at grounding energy and helping to clear energy from the lower chakras.  I have had great feedback from my clients.

While I was picking up my drum 2 more gifts from the Universe came to me.  My friend who has a Native Indian ancestry told me that her guides told her to give me an Eagle feather to use in my sessions.  I was really excited by that!  So I was able to choose two feathers that I now use in my sessions!  Exciting!

The last gift I received that day came as a complete surprise to me.  While I was picking up my Blood Drum, my friend also told me that there was another drum there to look at.  She had made a very unique drum during that drum workshop and she had said she wasn’t sure who it belonged to as it had very unique energy with it.  On the face of this drum there are two holes, which were the bullet holes from the death of the Elk.  She had dyed the skin a dark green colour and planned on stringing it with a “tree of life” pattern on the back.  She told me to take a look at the drum and tell her what I thought of it.  When I saw this drum I just loved it.  I told her it was an amazing drum and whoever got it would be lucky.  She then told me some interesting information!

What she had learned after she had made this drum was that the holes can act as portals to the spiritual realms and that the person who used this drum must be familiar with traveling within these realms, and also able to open and close these portals.  When she found out this information she wasn’t sure what to do with this drum.  So she decided to meditate on it and ask the Grandmothers who she could give this drum to.  She told me that the Grandmothers had told her that this drum was meant for me.  I was totally surprised!  I mean, I really loved the drum and was called to it.  So when she told me that last bit of information I told her that I loved it (I think this was the 8th time I told her that..haha!) and that I would love to take it home.  Here are pictures of my “Shadow Drum”.


When you hold the drum up to the light there are many different patterns of green on it that the pictures just don’t capture.

I called it a “Shadow Drum” because I know that this drum will help my clients with shadow work.  I believe that this drum will help release and/or bring this energy to the light.  This drum has very powerful energy and I am very excited to be able to work with it.

April through to now has been an interesting time for me.  I have had many gifts from the Universe and I have done a lot of self work over the past few weeks that I will be sharing in future blog posts.  I also just celebrated my birthday and I am looking forward to what’s to come!


Pulling A Prank On A Psychic?

April Fools PrankOk…I have a psychic story from when I was a kid that I thought would be funny to share.

On April Fools Day you have until noon to play your pranks.  My sister and I went back and forth with the pranks and some years we pranked each other…some we didn’t.

I was about 12 and I was ready!  I could tell that my sister was planning something.  I had no idea what it was…but the energy was there!  Noon came and went, and that was the rule…no pranking after 12pm.  It was so weird.  I totally thought that she was going to prank me.

The rest of the day went on and still nothing!  I could totally feel the energy…but nothing happened!  By the end of the day, the energy had pretty much dissipated.  I wasn’t really thinking about April Fools anymore.

I was getting ready for bed and I was just about ready to get into bed when I stopped.  That energy was back!  The first thing I did after feeling that energy was look under my pillow.  I just KNEW to look there!

Sure enough, that tricky sister of mine had put a raw egg under my pillow.  If I had gone to bed and put my head on that pillow, that egg would have been everywhere!  Luckily I was paying attention and heard the message to look under the pillow!  There was a RAW EGG UNDER MY PILLOW!!

So here I am, standing in my room, holding onto that raw egg.  I started thinking…what should I do with this egg now?  I thought about ratting my sister out to my parents about putting raw food in my bed.  Then I thought naw…it’s time for some good ol’ sibling revenge!

I snuck upstairs and my timing was totally perfect!  My sister wasn’t in her room for some reason.  I quickly went into her room and put the egg under her pillow then ran out of her room and back down the stairs!  I waited in my room, laughing to myself.

I think I waited about 5 minutes.  My sisters room was directly above mine, so I could hear her walking around.  I heard her go back into the room and get into bed.  About a minute later, I heard her get out of bed and stomp her feet down the hall and downstairs to my room.

She came into my room and then started to laugh and yell.  Apparently the egg had cracked and oozed all down her neck and was just everywhere.  She said she thought it was pretty funny that I got her back with her prank!  Too funny!

My sister learned an important lesson that day.  Don’t prank a psychic. 😉


Clear Your Chakras in 25 Minutes

meditationThis morning I was out running around doing some errands.  I went into a store that had really dense energy in it.  There was a lot of anger and frustration energy in that store.  I could really tell the difference when I left the store and went outside.

I am fairly aware when I go out and I notice the different energies out there and I try my best not to allow the energy to affect me.  There are times however that I bring some unwanted energy home with me.  I am human after all!  I’m thinking that you can relate to this, right?

We get home and feel slightly irritated or tired.  Things just aren’t going right or we react strongly to things going on around us.  When I become aware that I am feeling like this, the first thing I do is change my energy.  Sometimes I can change it within minutes.  Sometimes it is harder to shift.

When I have trouble shifting the energy, I then look at a guided meditation.  They are great and you can find all different kinds on the internet.  One of my go-to guided meditations I found on YouTube and I like it because it focuses on grounding and clearing chakras.  It is a longer meditation, but a good one!

If you are looking for a new guided meditation to try, check out the video below!


Reality Is What You Make It



Reality is what you make it.

We decide what our reality is.  Every part of it.  Nothing is done to us, we create every event in our lives.  Every event is created through our thoughts and vibrations.

Thoughts are things.  Thoughts have vibrations to them.  Every thought we think has a vibration and we are creating our future using the thoughts we think today.  Pretty cool, right?

Or is it?

What kind of thoughts are we creating?  Do we think negatively or positively?  Do we even know what we are thinking?  These are the questions to ask when we want to become aware of our thoughts.  If we aren’t aware of what our thoughts are, then we can start with what we are saying.  Are the words we use negative or positive?  Are we complaining?  Are we blaming?  Are we praising?  Are we sharing with gratitude?

If you are thinking negative thoughts, chances are you are creating negative situations in your life. If you don’t break the cycle of negative thinking then you are going to create more negative.  A perfect example of a negative thought form is “Why does this always happen to me…”.  When something happens and we perceive it to be bad and then say “why does this always happen to me”…guess what?  By saying this phrase you are confirming and perpetuating these events to the universe and your reality.  Stop doing it!  Instead of going into victimhood, stay neutral and go into question.  Something I would say is, “I wonder why I created this event.  What do I need to pay attention to here?  What thought pattern do I need to change?”

In order to create the reality that we want it is important for us to become aware of what we are thinking and saying.  We want to align our thoughts and feelings with the highest vibration possible so that we can manifest the best possible reality.  But wait…do we even know what we want??

Another important piece of the puzzle is to get really clear on what we want in life.  Many of us are drifting, unaware and with no dreams or aspirations.  Time for change!!  Get clear on what a few dreams are…big and small!  Write them down or put pictures into a dream-book!

Once we get clear on what we want, we can then look at shifting our vibration.  How do we do this??  Through our thoughts and feelings.  The more we focus on good positive thoughts, and create joy in our lives, the higher our vibration sits.  It’s really important to be aware of what our thoughts are.

These few steps are key in creating the reality that we want.  What reality do you want to create?



One Simple Tool For Energy Protection

meditation-2-This past weekend I went to a workshop hosted by a wonderfully wise woman.  It was a two day workshop about psychic and spiritual protection.  I learned a few new things, but a lot of it was familiar to me.  This was great!  One of the biggest pieces of information I received from going to this workshop is confirmation that I am on the right track.

I love feeling more confident in what I know and the tools I use everyday.  To me, this is very valuable.  It allows me to fully trust in what tools I choose to use, which in turn make them that much more powerful.  Exciting!

One thing I will share with you about psychic or energy protection that I know is that the power comes from within.  This was one of those pieces of information that was confirmed for me this weekend.  It really does come from within.

I often tell my clients that are having challenges with energy coming from others is that we have all the power.  We do.  We get to choose to take on other energy or choose to have energy drained from us.  If we don’t believe that we are fully protected and stand within that awareness of being fully protected, then we aren’t.  We must believe and trust in ourselves.

What I love about this teaching is that it is SIMPLE.  The power of protection comes from within.  There is nothing to carry in a bag or to remember to bring.  We carry this tool with us everywhere we go.  It’s great!

It isn’t about which crystal you are wearing or which sage you are using to smudge.  Those are all external tools that can enhance our personal power.  Do not put your power into anything external, keep it within and add to it.  Make sense?

One tool I use in my healing space is a large piece of black tourmaline.  It sits in the room and adds to the space.  I often forget that I have it and trust that it will do it’s part in whatever is needed.  My energy protection isn’t reliant on it though.

Do you have a favorite tool that you use to enhance your protection?  If so, share below!



I’ve Been Where You Are

been thereIt was five years ago this past weekend that my life changed for the better.  I wouldn’t have known it at the time, but looking back of course I can see how that moment was pivotal in changing my path.

I was involved in a car accident that was challenging to say the least.  It was actually one of two accidents in a 3 month period.  You see, the Universe was sending me messages for quite some time but I just wasn’t listening.  I knew that I had to make changes in my career, but I allowed myself to make excuses not to change.

So the Universe sent me a message in the form of a car accident that forced me to have to stop working for a period of time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to what I knew I had to do, and I went back to work.  So the universe sent me the message a second time in the form of another car accident, to make things quite clear to me that I needed to make changes.  I guess I can be stubborn. 😉

I was in a job I hated, especially on a Monday.  I was unhappy, almost depressed.  Paul and I had been struggling with infertility for a few years.  Money was really tight…couldn’t pay the bills tight.  Life as I knew it then was very challenging.  So to add the stress of 2 car accidents to what was already a stressful life felt just impossible to overcome.

I knew I HAD to change.  I couldn’t live my life like that anymore.  After the 2nd accident and the circumstances surrounding it, I decided that it was time to make changes.  I had no idea really what this meant but I had made the decision that I was WILLING to make changes in my life.

That’s all we have to do as a first step to change when we are feeling stuck.  We must be willing to make changes.  Once we decide that we are willing to change, the steps start to follow.  We will start to see the steps come forth.  My next step was to quit my job and move to Moncton to train in what I LOVE to do, for 10 months.  I have to admit, it was an extreme move.  In most case for others the turn of events will not be like that, but for me, this is what worked.

I decided to take that leap of faith and move forward.  I didn’t know where the money was going to come from to pay the bills.  I didn’t know where I was going to live while I was there.  I didn’t know a single person that lived in Moncton when I left here to go there.  I couldn’t see the outcome of what was meant to be.

Was I scared when I quit my job and decided to move?  Sure!  I didn’t know if I would be coming back here.  I didn’t know what the fate of my relationship with Paul would be.  But I knew in my heart of hearts, that this was the right move for me.

I just knew what the next step would be.  Once I took that step, then the next step would follow.  And the next.  And the next…until here we are in 2015.  Five years later.

I am now living the life I want to live.  I am happy, fulfilled and I love life.  I love Mondays and every other day of the week.  I can pay my bills now.  I am a completely different person than I was in 2010.  My life is enriched in so many ways.  I am truly blessed.

Yes, it took time to get to where I am.  I have to say though, the time flew by.  I look back and I think to myself…wow, it’s already been 5 years!  It wasn’t an easy path, but it was definitely rewarding.  It’s important to have patience when you are on your journey.  Be kind to yourself.  When making changes for the better, choose things that YOU love to do.  If you are in a job you hate, make some changes!  Go to school part time, look for another job, or find fulfillment in a hobby.  Start a part time business.  It could be anything…just choose something that you love!

It’s so important to love what you do in life, in all aspects.  When we love what we do, we feel better.  Our energy is better.  The flow of life is better.  Creating what we want is easier.

If you are in a space where you feel like a change is needed, and you have decided that you are willing to make changes, ask yourself what is that one first step that I can take to make things better?



Encyclopedia of Spirits, Mystics, Saints and Sages

spiritsA few years ago I had an interesting experience.

It was the middle of the night and I got up to go to the washroom.  When I got to the end of the hallway, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something standing in my office space.  So I stopped and looked and noticed something really weird.  Let me just say that at this point in my journey I didn’t really know a lot about goddesses or archangels.

So I stood at the opening to my office and looked at this weird entity that I had NO idea who or what it was.  What I saw was some creature with a human body and a cat head.  I just stood there for a moment wondering if I should freak out a little or try and talk to “it”.  I got my wits about me and tried to talk to it.  I said “who the hell are you?”  All I heard was the word protection.  I noticed that I wasn’t scared or creeped out like I have been with some other spirits.  It felt very safe in the room before I heard the work protection…so it made sense to me.

I then asked again, “who are you?”  This time all I heard was the word Bast.  I had no clue what this meant.  So I just said “whatever” and I walked to the washroom.  Hahah!  By the time I was heading back to the bedroom, Bast was gone.  So I just thought, “well that was weird…”  I went to sleep and thought nothing of it really for the next few days.

I was visiting a friend a few days later who has a vast knowledge of spirits and all kinds of things.  So I asked her if she had every heard of a spirit that was human body with a cat head.  I told her I heard the name Bast.  She was quite surprised when I told her about my encounter and then proceeded to tell me that Bast or Bastet is an Egyptian Goddess and she is a protector of many things but especially of women and children and serves as a matron of magicians and healers.

I thought this was pretty cool.mystics

I recently bought two books that I think are very awesome and I am excited to have in my arsenal of knowledge!  They are the Encyclopedia of Spirits and The Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages by Judika Illes.  They are quite extensive in information.  There are hundreds of pages of different names and write ups.

I have seen Bast from time to time since that first encounter.  I also call on her when I feel like I need a bit of extra protection.  I am really looking forward to encountering new spirits and learning about them in these books!


Spiritual Round Table Meet-Up

spiritual round tableI am surrounded by some very fantastic people.  These people are men and women.  They are supportive, empowered, optimistic, dreamers, creatives, and full of life.  I am grateful for this and I do realize that not everyone has this.

I’ve decided to create a Spiritual Round Table that meets once a month in my home.  Well, my table is square…but you get the idea.  Haha!  I’d like to create an environment when like-minded people can come and share their ideas and have conversations about different topics in a non-judgmental space.  Some of the topics will include spirituality, intuition, meditation, health and wellness.

This will be an open space to talk to others about things you know and ask questions about things you don’t.  We will have set topics for the evening that will be emailed out ahead of the session.  The sessions will be 2.5 hours on a Thursday from 7pm-930pm.

I will ask for a donation (to be determined by you) to offset the cost of hosting, but you will not be turned away for lack of funds.

There is limited seating, so if you are interested reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Date:  Thursday, Feb 5th, 2015

Time:  7pm – 930pm

Place: Maple Ridge, BC

Register Here


4 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Every Day

vibrationI thought I would write about a few ways that you could raise your vibration on a daily basis.  These are fairly quick methods and will help you when you are feeling a little down, or off.

1. Meditate for 15 minutes.  Meditation will help you release any dense emotions you are holding onto and bring you back into balance.  Just this alone will raise your vibration.

2. Go outside for 10 minutes and connect with nature.  Even if you are at work and all you have around you is a parking lot, you can do this.  Go outside and look up at the sky.  Focus on what the sky looks like.  The colour, shape of any clouds, where is the sun.  Feel the sun if it is out that day.  Feel the air and temperature.  Give thanks and gratitude for your surroundings.

3. Make a list of things you are grateful for.  Pick 5 areas in your life and start to make a list of things you love about them.  Focus on loved ones, pets, yourself, your job, your car, your house, friends, food you love to eat.  Anything that brings in joy to your life.

4. Go outside and thank the Universe (or heaven..or whatever name you have for it) for the the spirits that are focused on you, helping, encouraging and uplifting you.  Acknowledge them and give them gratitude every moment no matter what you are doing, where you are or who you are with.  Do this every day.

Aura Colours and Meanings

auraAura colours can have different meanings based on the energy that comes with the person.  I’ve listed below a simple definition of a few aura colours and characteristics that you can see with different people.  Feel free to share your definitions of aura colours below!

Red – This is the colour related to the Root Chakra.  It can also mean anger, strength, fear, ego, passion, sexuality.

Orange – This is the colour related to the Sacral Chakra.  It can also mean courage, ambition, thoughtfulness, lack of will.

Yellow – This is the colour related to the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It can also mean happy, friendly, intellectual, optimistic, indecisive.

Green – This is the colour related to the Heart Chakra.  It can also mean peaceful, healing, compassion, jealousy, deceit.

Blue – This is the colour related to the Throat Chakra.  It can also mean creative, spiritual, loyal, communication, sensitive, kind, moody.

Indigo – This is the colour related to the Third Eye Chakra.  It can also mean highly intuitive, seeker, honesty, inner peace.

Violet – This is the colour related to the Crown Chakra.  it can also mean wisdom, royalty, highly spiritual and intuitive.

Pink – This colour can mean change, love, friendship, playful, joy.

Grey – This colour can mean depression, sadness, low energy, skepticism, exhaustion.

Brown – This colour can mean friendly, earthy, conservative, opinionated, self-involved.

Black – This colour can mean protection, dramatic, death, evil, illness, lacking energy.

White – This colour can mean perfect balance, innocence, purity, clean, high vibration.

Gold – This colour can mean wealth, prosperity, valuable, traditional.

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