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Inspiring Journal Ideas


Happy 2018!

Something that I have found challenging to keep up on a daily basis is to journal.  I have so many brand new journals and perfect pens to write with…yet I just don’t find the time to sit and start.  Anyone else have this challenge too?  Where do I start?  What do I write about?  Why is it that when I go to write, I have complete amnesia?  Can you relate?

Well, I have found an excellent solution to my own writer’s block and I think this will be helpful to others reading this post!  You can find online many different types of guided journals or even lists of writing ideas.  Ideas on how we feel, think, act, or react to different situations in life.  Ideas on health, fitness, relationships, families, and goals for the future.  I personally think this is a great way to get started in the practice of writing.  It is also a great way for us to become more focused and reflective on self in ways we never thought about.

I’ve decided to put up a few journal ideas that I really like and maybe you will find helpful too.

  • Make a list of 25 things that make you smile
  • If my body could speak, it would say…
  • Make a list of all the things you would like to say “no” to.
  • What does unconditional love look like to you?
  • What is the dominant emotion in your life right now?
  • Write a letter to someone you want to forgive.
  • How would you like to make this world a better place?
  • Write about something or a few new things that you would like to learn about.
  • What would make you feel fulfilled spiritually?
  • Write a list of regrets and how you may be able to change them.

These are just a few ideas to get your started.

Happy writing!



Hope Is An Attitude

Hope is a mental shift that we choose for ourselves as we tap into our inner reserves.  When we decide to be hopeful, we open ourselves to discover the wisdom and strength we may not have known existed.

When we ask ourselves to stay positive and we answer the call, we are rewarded with the knowledge of what we learned in life.

Our lessons, when viewed from this perspective, show us that things generally work out as they should.

With hindsight, we are able to understand how a greater plan has been working in our lives.


Sept 5



Gratitude Is A Gift You Can Choose Everyday

This one is one of my favorites!  Enjoy!


This is a time to look forward…but also a time to look back…to see what has brought you here and to give thanks for all that has happened on the road to life.

It is the love and joy we attain that warms our lives and our hearts, but it is the challenges we overcome that allow us to truly feel the glow of the accomplishment.

Celebrate the future…

hold dear the past…

and live fully today!


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We Could All Use A Hug Of Encouragement From Time To Time

Happy Monday to you!  I’ve heard from many that last week was especially difficult energetically.  There was a lot of releasing and making way for change.  Hope you enjoy the next installment from the calendar series!

When you need encouragement, remember these things:

You are stronger than you realize.

Life’s inevitable adversities call fourth our courage.

You have a lot of wisdom inside you.

God’s plan will unfold with perfect timing.

The voice of your soul will lead the way.

A hug from a friend is only a phone call away!


Aug 22


Everything Happens For A Reason

Here is your 4th installment of the Calendar Collection…a little late!  Better late than never!  Enjoy! 😀

So often we wonder about the “Whys” in life…”Why did this happen?” “Why me?” “Why now?”  But there is a secret that wise people know…

Bumps in the road are an inevitable part of life that soften us, make us grow, and bestow upon us the virtue of compassion.  Often, it is only with the passing of time that it becomes clear the cloud really did have a silver lining, and now we have wisdom, strength, and hope to share.  And at last, we understand the true meaning of the phrase…

“Everything happens for a reason.”


Aug 15














Embrace Authenticity In Your Relationships

get realSomething I have been working on creating in my life is to have really authentic relationships.  Relationships that are deep and meaningful and most of all, honest.

I felt like I had been pretty successful in weeding out any in-authenticity in my life, but I knew that there was something holding me back from allowing more “real” people to flow in.

Yesterday I had a major breakthrough in a session with a healer.  I’ve known this person for many years now and I was called to see him through my intuition.  It took a year of nagging by my guides…but I finally listened.  Haha!  I am stubborn sometimes.  😀

I’ve been having neck and hip challenges since my car accidents, 6 years ago.  Most of the healing had been done, but I kept getting these relapses where these trouble spots would seize up.  Last week I happened to have one of those relapses and my neck totally seized up, for 4 days!  It just so happened that Paul had seen a posting on Facebook from a mutual friend, Nima Rahmany saying that he was now doing mobile chiropractic work in the Lower Mainland and would come out to our home.  Must be a coincidence, right?  Ha! 😉

So, I decided to book an appointment for an adjustment with him, which happened to be yesterday!  He came to my home, set up his equipment and then we had a chat.  He asked me a bunch of questions, of which most I can’t remember now.  We did talk about what I wanted/or what I was lacking in my life right now.  I told him how I wanted to seek out more relationships/people that were authentic and that I was tired of how some people around me were not being real and authentic in our relationship.

Through a series of more questioning (what a nosy bastard, eh?  hehe) we came to the conclusion that I was being a hypocritical asshole!  There was a fairly significant relationship in my life that I wasn’t being real in.  Right under my nose!  Can you believe it?!   People that really know me would probably say that I’m pretty straight forward and to the point.  The awareness of this realization of having this type of relationship was quite surprising.  🙂

We then dove deeper!  More questions…more answers…more awareness!  For a while now, I’ve been aware of a subconscious program I’ve been running of “not being good enough”.  I’ve been working on tackling it for a while now.  Yesterday it was linked back to this significant relationship in which I wasn’t being real in.  There were feelings/actions from the past that were hindering the relationship today, and I was allowing it to happen!

This relationship had/has love in it…it was just stiff and awkward.  We didn’t really go deep into much conversation, topics were kept light.  The dance didn’t flow like it could, so to speak.

So here we are talking about this new founded awareness and what does Nima say?  “Ok, now you are going to call this person and tell them how you have been pretending to be in a relationship with them.”  I think my words back to him were something like…”are you fucking kidding me?  I can’t do that!”  LOL!  He pretty much told me too bad…you are doing it.  This was my homework.  We made a game plan of what I was going to talk about, through most of which I cried.  I had Nima running for kleenex multiple times through this bit of the session.  🙂

So I put my big girl panties on…and did it.  I had this conversation with this person.  This was big.  I was facing a huge fear I didn’t realize I had.  I got really real.  The conversation was the most honest conversation we have ever had.  And it was fabulous.  I shared, this person shared and we left the conversation with a new level of depth and openness.  I am so grateful I followed through and had this conversation.  It really transformed this relationship in a matter of 20 minutes.

One of the things Nima said to me that really hit home and was a deciding factor in having this conversation with this person was that we don’t really know how much time we have left.  Well…he actually said “You’re gonna die soon…you don’t know how long u have to do this.”  Hahah!  His words hit home, because we don’t know how much time we have here on Earth.  I am a big believer in living in the present moment and in being open, honest and present for the relationships in my life.

In writing this story and sharing with you, I hope I have inspired you to take a look at the relationships in your life and find a way to be more open and honest in them.  😀


Love Is Why We Are Here

Here is your third inspirational quote by Marci. Hope you enjoy!

Love is the greatest force on earth, and it is why we are here.

Love is a verb.  Love is not just a feeling;  it is an action.  It is most evident in what you do, for there will be days when you will be called to love even when you may not have feelings of love.

Love is a choice.  Understanding this concept will change your life significantly and may determine your ability to maintain lifelong happiness.

Love never ends.  The greatest gift you can give to yourself or another is the gift of commitment…to say “I do” but also “I will.”


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Angels Are Everywhere

August 1


Sometimes we feel that we are all alone, as life bring us challenges to overcome and hardships to bear.  But when we least expect it, help can appear.

It may be a kind word from a stranger or a phone call at just the right time, and we are suddenly surrounded with the loving grace of God.  Miracles happen every day because angels are everywhere.  – Marci

7 Ways To Feel More Powerful In 15 Minutes




Many of us want to stand in our own power.  We set the intention, throw it out to the Universe and then sit and wait for the opportunities to practice standing in our power to show up.

Instead of waiting for life to happen, let’s take a look at 7 different ways that you can practice this important skill right away.


  • Meditate.

Meditation is very important for us to bring awareness into our lives.  It also allows us to become clear and be in the present moment.  When we meditate on a regular basis we become clear on what we want and don’t want in our lives.  Meditation allows us to build self-awareness and to take a look at emotional triggers and the reasons behind them.

  • De-clutter

By letting go of physical items we shift energy in our surroundings.  We move and lighten our space which allows us to feel lighter.  Take 15 minutes every day to tidy up, or move out old items that no longer serve us.  When we do this, we tend to feel more creative and uplifted.  This allows us to be empowered and motivated to start new projects or finish lingering ones.

  • Sit In Gratitude

Take stock of all the good things in your life.  Make a list of what your are thankful for and sit in the feeling of gratitude and joy.  This creates a positive and motivated energy within us.  We can create great things from this state!

  • Speak Your Truth

I feel that this is one of the more important points to help us stand in our own power.  By voicing how we feel and living in our authenticity, we are really living in a powerful state.  It may take time to get really good at this, but this is a skill that is worth investing time and energy in.

  • Think Of A Fear And Take Action

Fears are something we all have.  Take time to look at and conquer them, one at a time.  Break them down into baby steps if they feel overwhelming to you.  Feeling more powerful is an automatic side effect of overcoming our fears.  You can do it!

  • Write Things Down

This isn’t about lists.  Yes, lists are important and recommended.  However, we can also, write down our accomplishments, insights (good or bad), and feelings.  By writing down our goals, strengths, and dreams make them more real and help us to move towards them.  Take a few minutes everyday to write on lined paper with a blue pen.  You will be glad you did!

  • Exercise

Take some time everyday to improve your physical strength.  This will help you to feel more powerful and empowered.  Whether it is cardio, weights, yoga, swimming, bike riding or walking…get moving.  You will release endorphin’s and build muscles, which helps with oxygen and energy levels.  Get out in nature, connect and allow yourself to be in the moment while you exercise.

By doing one or many of these tips on a daily basis, you will be well on your way to feel more empowered within your life.  Embrace and stand in your power.  Live authentically and passionately.  Take stock and create movement by recognizing your successes.  Conquer your fears.

You Can Do It!



The Importance Of Being Authentic With Yourself

authentic selfWhen working on shifting our vibration or manifesting or trying to feel good, it is so important to be authentic with ourselves.  It really is time to get real, open and honest with who we are and where we are at.

Haha…so I’ve sat here for about 20 minutes now trying to figure out a way to write this post without it sounding like a rant.  Guess what…it’s going to be a bit of a rant today.

It’s time to become more authentic with your thoughts, feelings and your actions.

This is the only way that we can evolve and raise our vibration so that we can feel great and manifest all that we desire in our lives.

Stop pretending like you’re feeling good when you’re not.  Stop saying you are having a terrific day when your vibration and your energy is projecting the exact opposite.

If you are pissed off or sad then own it and figure out why you are pissed off or sad. If life circumstances aren’t going your way, then take a look at what’s happening inside.

Funny YouTube videos or cute cat pictures can temporarily cheer you up for a moment, but if you don’t take the time to address the underlying cause of your frustration or sadness, no amount of pretending to be happy will solve that.

It’s time to start looking into why you are feeling that way and make some changes.

Empower yourself!

Ask why you are creating the same patterns over and over in your life?  What thought patters have to change in order for you to break that cycle?  What new thought patterns can you bring in to align yourself with love and joy?

Decide to want to make the changes.  That is the first step.  Get really honest with yourself here.  Do you want to change?  If you don’t, that’s ok.  However, then be ok with the way that your life is, as it is now.

If you want to change, then become aware.  Pay attention to what you are saying, thinking, doing and feeling.  All the time.  Get clear on when you are feeling good and when you are not.

When you aren’t, then ask why.  What are the circumstances that need to change in the situation that I am in so that I can get to a place of feeling good now?  How can I change my perspective and look at what is going on around me in a different way?

When you are are feeling good, recognize that and ask how you can create more of that in your life.

By doing these few steps, you can take leaps and bounds with changing your life.

So…what are you waiting for?













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