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Inspiring Journal Ideas


Happy 2018!

Something that I have found challenging to keep up on a daily basis is to journal.  I have so many brand new journals and perfect pens to write with…yet I just don’t find the time to sit and start.  Anyone else have this challenge too?  Where do I start?  What do I write about?  Why is it that when I go to write, I have complete amnesia?  Can you relate?

Well, I have found an excellent solution to my own writer’s block and I think this will be helpful to others reading this post!  You can find online many different types of guided journals or even lists of writing ideas.  Ideas on how we feel, think, act, or react to different situations in life.  Ideas on health, fitness, relationships, families, and goals for the future.  I personally think this is a great way to get started in the practice of writing.  It is also a great way for us to become more focused and reflective on self in ways we never thought about.

I’ve decided to put up a few journal ideas that I really like and maybe you will find helpful too.

  • Make a list of 25 things that make you smile
  • If my body could speak, it would say…
  • Make a list of all the things you would like to say “no” to.
  • What does unconditional love look like to you?
  • What is the dominant emotion in your life right now?
  • Write a letter to someone you want to forgive.
  • How would you like to make this world a better place?
  • Write about something or a few new things that you would like to learn about.
  • What would make you feel fulfilled spiritually?
  • Write a list of regrets and how you may be able to change them.

These are just a few ideas to get your started.

Happy writing!



Easy Meditation Tip – Sitting In Nature

One of my favorite things to do in my down time is to sit in nature and just be.  I enjoy listening to the different birds, seeing and feeling the breeze and sitting in the warm sun.

I find that being in nature really helps me to clear my mind quickly and balance my energy.  I love to do this at the end of the day or in between clients.

Below is a video showing one of the many views in my yard of sitting in nature.




Clear Your Chakras in 25 Minutes

meditationThis morning I was out running around doing some errands.  I went into a store that had really dense energy in it.  There was a lot of anger and frustration energy in that store.  I could really tell the difference when I left the store and went outside.

I am fairly aware when I go out and I notice the different energies out there and I try my best not to allow the energy to affect me.  There are times however that I bring some unwanted energy home with me.  I am human after all!  I’m thinking that you can relate to this, right?

We get home and feel slightly irritated or tired.  Things just aren’t going right or we react strongly to things going on around us.  When I become aware that I am feeling like this, the first thing I do is change my energy.  Sometimes I can change it within minutes.  Sometimes it is harder to shift.

When I have trouble shifting the energy, I then look at a guided meditation.  They are great and you can find all different kinds on the internet.  One of my go-to guided meditations I found on YouTube and I like it because it focuses on grounding and clearing chakras.  It is a longer meditation, but a good one!

If you are looking for a new guided meditation to try, check out the video below!


How To Get Better At Grounding Yourself Without Spending Hours In Practice

balanceGrounding the energy in our bodies is something that should be done on a regular basis.  By regular, this could be several times a day depending on your energy and how you react to things.  The more we ground our energy, the easier it gets to do it and the frequency in which we have to ground can become less and less.  We can relieve stress, anxiety, dizziness, and become more calm, centered and focused with grounding.

One of my favorite ways to ground my energy is to bring my focus to my feet.  I become aware of my feet and allow my energy to flow down to my feet.  Often when I am meditating I find myself floating out of my body, and this is a really quick way to get back into your body and feel centered.  It wasn’t easy to do this at first, but with practice I can ground my energy and be centered within seconds.

If you are new to grounding, a really great and simple way to ground your energy is through visualization.  There are many different ways to visualize yourself grounding your energy.  What worked best for me was to visualize a ball of energy at the base of my neck.  It can be any colour you like. I would then send that ball of energy down my spine and once I hit the base of my spine (Root Chakra) I would shift it into a cord and continue moving downward from the base of my spine towards the ground.

Once I reached the ground I then shifted the cord into roots and allowed the roots to permeate the earth and go deep into the ground.  At that point I would focus my attention up to my Crown, and bring white light in through my crown and travel down through the same path as I started until I reached the bottom of the roots.  This was great for me.  It took a few minutes to do, but also became faster to do each time I practiced it.

It’s great to try out a few visualizations, and then find what works best for you.  You can even take bits from different types and create your own.  What’s important is to feel centered and balanced at the end.

If you have a favorite grounding technique, feel free to share below!

3 Ways To Activate Your Third Eye Chakra

Third EyeThe Third Eye can sometimes be a tricky chakra to open up. Often it is sluggish and takes practice to get things moving.  If you are finding that you are having trouble with opening up or activating your Third Eye Chakra, I have a few ideas that may help you.

Before I go into the list of how’s, we may want to ask ourselves why we want to open up this Chakra.  Setting intentions are a great way to start with opening up this Chakra.  Do we want to tap into a heightened sense of awareness?  Or perhaps to practice lucid dreaming?  Maybe you would like to tap into your intuition more to help you with everyday life.  Whatever your reason is, it is a great idea to get clear on it and set it before you start.

Meditation is where it’s at.  Start with setting aside 10 minutes everyday to just sit and focus on your breathing.  Allow yourself to practice being in the moment.  It’s important to learn how to quiet your mind so that you can tap into the things your aren’t sensing, seeing or hearing.  Once you have practiced focusing on your breathing and ensuring that you are taking in deep calming breaths, start to visualize clearing out your Third Eye Chakra.  You can do this by bringing white light in through your crown and allow it to envelope the Third Eye, or you can visualize a hallway and walk towards a door that opens up to bright white light.  Play around with this and see what feels best for you.  Balancing your other chakras within your meditation will also help you to open up that Third Eye Chakra.

Secondly, I would look at detoxing your body.  Water intake is important here.  Make sure you are drinking enough water and that the PH of your water is at a minimum of 7.  A very simple way of bringing up the water PH level is to add lemon to it.  Most tap water or bottled water is sitting at a level of 5-7 PH.  Removing fluoride from your body is important too.  This is known to help de-calcify the Pineal Gland, which is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.  Look at switching your toothpaste to a natural one and find out if there is fluoride in your water.  If so, you will want to get a filtration system that takes this out.  Lastly, look at increasing your vegetable intake.  I’m talking about your greens…not carrots or corn or peas.  Leafy greens and any green veggie.  This is going to help detox and unclog that Chakra.

The third tip I have for you is to use a crystal to help open up that Third Eye Chakra.  When I first started working on opening up my Third Eye I used Fluorite, Moonstone and Selenite.  These are still my favorite go to stones if I want a boost in that Chakra.  You can also try Amethyst or Sodalite.  A sure way to tell if that stone is working is if you start to feel tingling or a shift (lightening) in denseness in your Third Eye.

There are many ways to open up that Chakra.  These 3 are my favorite and what I found to be most successful.

What are your favorite ways to open up the Third Eye Chakra?


To Freak Or Not To Freak?

Last night we had a storm and heavy rain blow through our area.  Rain is a common occurrence for us. The challenge with the rain this time was that the ground was partially frozen and was unable to absorb all the water.  Because of this, we ended up with quite a bit of water coming into our home (in the basement) in the late evening.

We had been working on solving a minor leak in this area for a few months now, but it wasn’t anything major.  Last night it seemed that the dam broke and we had water pouring in one area of our basement.  My husband was working down there for about an hour and the atmosphere was quite tense.  I went down to try and move some of our things around to make space for easier access.  I was moving a few things to the other side of the basement when I noticed a pool of water coming in from that area too!  Talk about adding to a stressful situation, right?  So I called Paul over and showed him, and he immediately went to work on that problem.  I took over for him in the other area where he was before.

Acontrols I’m wringing out the towels and soaking up the water on the floor I could feel myself becoming anxious and stressed.  Anyone would be, right?  In that moment of awareness of what I was feeling in my body, I had a decision to make.  I could decide to allow the stress and anxiety to grow or I could trust that everything was going to be fine and just relax.  I could just focus on the task at hand, which was soaking up the water and wringing out the towels into a bucket.

I chose to relax.  I grounded my energy and just focused on the task at hand.  I worked on calming my husband down, told him things were going to be fine.  What’s funny about this, is that Paul is usually very calm and balanced.  Last night he decided to allow the situation to get to him a little. I could have chosen to participate with him and get angry and frustrated, rather I decided to stay calm and diffuse the situation.

When things were a little more under control, we talked and made a plan of who we could call for help in the morning.  This is all we could do at this point in time.  We were handling the water coming in at that point.  There wasn’t anything left to do.  We could choose to get angry, frustrated or sit in fear at the unknown.  But why?  I learned a long time ago that everything is fixable…so it was just a matter of time.

We always have a choice on how to react to the situations presented to us.  All of them.  Some are easier than others.  It’s about remembering what energy you want to create within and around you.

How will you decide to contribute to situations presented to you?

Using Crystals with your Chakras

Trying to figure out which crystals/stones to use to help open, balance or boost chakra power can be overwhelming when first starting out.  There are so many different options to choose from.

I found this beginners guide from that can help you pair up a crystal to the chakra you are working on.  Choose one of the stones that best resonates with you and hold it in your hand or place it on the chakra when meditating.  Make sure you clear/program the stone before you use it.

What stones are your go to stones for clearing/balancing your chakras?  Let us know below!



Guided Meditation for Balancing Your Chakras

I found this guided chakra balancing meditation on YouTube earlier this year and I thought I would share it with you in case you were looking for something to try.

One of the things I like about it is that you can sit at your computer in your chair and listen to it if you like.  You can also download it from ITunes and listen with earphones in a more comfortable spot.

Hope you enjoy and would love to hear feedback!


Stuck On Your Spiritual Path?

When starting out or continuing our spiritual path it’s important to be clear on why we are doing this.

What is the outcome?  Short term or long term goals?

It can be easy to lose sight of why we are working on growing spiritually if we don’t have a reason or multiple reasons why.  If you are feeling stuck on your path or not sure where to go with your own personal growth take a look at why you may want to make changes in your life.  Some examples of a few “why’s” are:

  • to heal from the past or present
  • to find your purpose
  • to build a business
  • to relieve stress or anxiety
  • to create more happiness in life
  • to create better relationships

When we have our goals or chief aims defined it makes it easier for us to look at the steps involved in getting there.  One of the first goals I started out with was to heal from my past and present.  So I took that goal and I asked myself, “Where do I go from here?”.  When you ask that question, you will more than likely get an answer or many answers as to where to go next.  All you need is one step.  Then once you take that step, the next step follows.  My first step on my healing journey was to take my Reiki Level One.  From there I branched into many different avenues.  You just need to take that first step.  Whether it be to take a class, read a book, meditate, clean your house, sell your car…just take that first step.  Then you can take the next step…and the next and next.

My life completely changed after I took my Reiki Level One class.  It didn’t happen all at once, but as I needed it to.  I am still on my journey and will be until the end of my time here.  As we continue on our path our goals change, and we want to look at re-defining or changing our goals on a regular basis.  As we change, our goals will change.  It’s very exciting really.  We get to re-create or create new adventures and experiences in our lives!

This is something you can choose to do on your own, or with help from someone.  I did both.  I worked on myself through healing and awareness of thoughts, and I also received mentoring and healing from a select few mentors.  I found that this was a great combination and it worked well for me.  One thing to remember is to be patient, and kind with yourself.  Also, to understand that it doesn’t always happen with one session (this would be rare).   Once we get clear on where we want to go, there is usually some work to do energetically to clear out old energy or beliefs.  This takes time, which is great!  We are able to enjoy the scenery on the way to where we are going!

If you are looking for help with clarity on your path or with clearing out energy that isn’t serving you anymore, booking a session could be your next step!

Meditation Tip for Beginners – The 4-4-8 Breathing Method

Today I recorded my first video blog.

In this video I share a meditation tip for beginners where I teach a breathing method I recommend to my clients called the 4-4-8 Breathing Method.

I’ll work on improving the quality of the video for future videos.  Let me know how you make out after trying this breathing technique!


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