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Do You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

This video really resonated with me for a few different reasons.  One of those reasons is because of my sister Faye.

Faye is my older sister who was born with special needs and doesn’t fit within the social norms of what we perceive a “normal” person should look like or be like. To know Faye is to love her.  She has many endearing qualities. She is positive, funny and full of love. She is full of imperfections, which make her perfect just the way she is. Most people miss out on knowing Faye, which of course is their loss.  A loss due to social conditioning, judgments, and fear.

Growing up with Faye was far from easy.  There were many challenges and lessons learned with having Faye as a sister.  There were many gifts too.  I don’t mean physical gifts.  I am referring to gifts like compassion, sensitivity to others, being open to differences and much more.

The questions I leave you with are, where in your life can you let go of judgments?  Judgments of self, of loved ones, or of strangers.  Where in your life can you bring in more light and love? How can you live in a space of compassion and total acceptance?

When we look inward and start making these changes of living less in judgment and more in total acceptance of ourselves, we shift our energy.  We then judge less of others and look past peoples imperfections and be more accepting.

My wish for Faye and everyone in this world is to live in a world of acceptance of who we are.  For people to look past our limitations and see the wonderful beings we are.

What one judgment of yourself can you let go of today?

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Funny Video Friday



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The Journey – A Piece By Linzy Arnott

photo 2I recently posted a few pictures on my Facebook page of a painting I just received from a local artist here in BC.  She is very talented and I am really drawn to her work.  Her name is Linzy Arnott and her work is seen all over the world.

A few months ago I asked her to create a painting for me but I wanted it to be a little different than her others.  I asked her to connect to my energy and infuse my energy into the painting.  I intuitively knew that she was capable of doing this and I thought it would be a great idea for a painting.  When I saw the painting for the first time last week, I fell in love with it.

She had a few names for it, but she had decided on “The Journey”.  I thought it was perfect.  I loved how there was a path and it wove between trees and water.  Many of my clients come to seek help in getting them back on their path…on their journey so to speak.  I help people by giving them clarity around choices in their lives.  I help them heal wounds and inspire them to walk their true path.  The name of the painting was so fitting to me.

The colours of the painting were perfect.  I really resonated with the colours.  They just feel like me.  What’s funny is that at the beginning when we were speaking a little about the painting I said to her that I didn’t like blue.  When I picked up the painting she mentioned that there was blue in the painting and that she knew I said that I didn’t like blue…but  that the painting needed some blue.  I think this could be because in my Aura I often have blue and indigo in it.  In the picture, the blue just fits perfectly.  😀

I’ve posted a few other photos of the painting below.  They don’t quite capture the energy, the texture or the feel of the painting, but you can see what it looks like.

Linzy is a very talented artist and I feel very blessed to have one of her paintings in my home.  Thank you Linzy!

To see more of her work and her studio, go to Linzy Arnott Fine Art Studio

photo 4photo 3

Funny Video Friday


I will be posting funny or cute video on Friday’s to brighten your day and get you going for the weekend!  Enjoy!!

An Exciting Psychic Adventure!

Psychic Adventure 2So, it has definitely been a while since I have posted anything on my website!  I have been very busy with readings and everyday life has caught up with me!  I have celebrated a birthday…another year older wiser!

Wow…so guess what???  I am going on an adventure!  I am so excited about this!  Over the past 2 weeks I have been busily planning a trip to Atlantic Canada.  First it started out as maybe a 2 week trip and now I will be there for over 2 months!  Very exciting.  I’m actually still quite stunned that I am doing this, but it just feels so right.

The main reason for me planning this trip was to get some healing work done through from what I am told is a very gifted psychic/healer that lives in New Brunswick.  As I’ve gone along with this idea over the past couple of weeks, I’ve become very aware that he will be helping me with much more than this healing.  His name is Geoffrey McLatchie and I am very much looking forward to meeting him.

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An Email Reading For You…

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs needed! 🙂

I’d like to offer free email readings so that I can get more practice with doing readings.  I will be starting out with offering 1 email reading for up to 10 people.

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Do Empaths Have Mood Swings?

faces 2What is an empath? Do they have mood swings?

This is a person who is quite sensitive to the emotions, feelings or thoughts of people, places, or animals.    Quite often someone will say something to an empath and they will be able to tell whether or not this person is sincere or if they are keeping something back.  They are also able to experience other people’s ailments.

For example, I will quite often actually feel physical pain in my body that doesn’t belong to me like a sore knee or a spot in my back, anxiety or headaches.

So, do they have mood swings?  I think that every person has mood swings, but for an empath the definition could be a bit different.  Speaking from experience, I can say that the “mood swings’ would vary (in intensity and frequency) depending on one’s level of awareness.

What I mean is that now that I am aware of how other people’s emotions or thoughts can affect me, I have learned ways of protecting my energy that help me from taking on other people’s energy.  This has helped a great deal in alleviating the “mood swings”.  I think that before I became more aware of this, my moods would be way more volatile.  My poor husband!  I’m sure at some point he thought I was crazy.  😉

Is there benefits of being an empath if you have to deal with all these emotions?  Sure!  For one, you are able to pick up on people’s true intentions.  This helps with a lot of  different things like making new friends, finding new jobs, meeting potential boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.  I’ll try and give an example.

It’s like meeting someone for the first time and you either really like them or you really don’t like them.  There is no logical reason for either circumstance, and you don’t know anything about them.  But just from the short conversation you had, you get that feeling, that first impression of the person.  In a sense, this is your empathic ability coming forward to tell you about this other person you have just met.  Depending on how empathic you are, you will be able to pick up more information about this person.

Empaths are generally great listeners as well.  Something that happens to me quite often is that I will have complete strangers start talking to me about quite personal things.  This really happens a lot to me.  I’ll be walking through the mall or standing in line at the grocery store and someone around me will strike up a conversation and end up telling me things they are struggling with at the time.  I in turn will listen and try to give them the advice they are seeking.  I guess you could see this as a hindrance rather than a positive, but I love to help people and it makes me feel good to be able to help a complete stranger.

Being an empath and recognizing that I am an empath has been a interesting journey.  Especially with the mood swings. 🙂

What is the Third Eye?

Third EyeAnytime you get around psychics you’ll hear them talk about the “Third Eye”.  What exactly is the third eye?

As someone who is developing their psychic abilities, I have really learned the importance of getting clear on definitions of words, and not just assuming you know what it is by guessing.  So today I decided to really dig into the phrase “Third Eye” to find out what it means.

The Third Eye is a symbol which can be referred to as the eye of knowledge or it can symbolize a state of enlightenment.  It also is known as a portal to higher consciousness.  People associate the Third Eye with clairvoyance, precognition, visions and even out of body experiences.

The Third Eye is located between the eye brows and has been suggested to be the same as the Pineal Gland.  It is associated with the colour indigo and is the 6th Chakra.  If you want to open or balance the Third Eye, some of the things you can try are meditation, relaxation, visualization, or yoga.

To me personally, the Third Eye is the gateway to a spiritual connection between oneself and their higher self/spirit guides.

What does the Third Eye mean to you?

Oh, How Things Have Changed!

3.Change signAbout a year ago my life was much different than it is now.  I was just beginning my journey into developing my psychic abilities, not really sure what was going to come out of it.

I was going about my days with no sense of purpose, not really sure what I wanted out of life.  I knew I wanted to help people, but i wasn’t really sure of the how…until now.

I knew that I really wanted to be able to do readings for people, but could I really do it?

The biggest thing I’ve worked on over the past year to get me to this point is to work on my Awareness.  And by that, I mean just paying attention to things!  So simple, right?  The funniest part of my whole journey so far was that I was already doing “psychic” things, I just wasn’t aware of it! I’ve always been able to walk into a room and pick up on what people are feeling or thinking.  I’ve always been able to sense/tap into people’s energy and give them the advice they were looking for!  People would say to me, “how do you know this stuff?!”.  I wouldn’t really think about the how…until now.

I have a couple of mentors that I have been working with recently, one of which pushed me to do something I felt I totally wasn’t ready for.  This was mainly because I was being chicken.  I was on a training call with him and he put a client on the phone and said, “do a reading on him”.  Just like that.  I was like…..uhhhhhhhhhh.  🙂  Let me tell you, by the end of the call, I was totally amazed with myself.  I was very nervous, but I was able to pick up some great guidance for him!  And the best part was that I totally LOVED it!  I was finally that much closer to my purpose in life!

Since that call, I’ve been practicing more over the phone and through email.  I find that I prefer email readings at the moment, but with practice, I think this will change. 🙂

Is Maui Tired?


I was recently in Maui, which happens to be one of my favorite places to go, and I noticed something different about the island while I was there this time.

Maui felt tired.

So…how do I explain this?  In the past, when I had visited, Maui was a much quieter island.    While I was there, I was able to connect with my surroundings and feel at peace and the energy of the island was so much different.  It felt alive.  If you couldn’t feel it, you could see it.  You could see the life in the surroundings, the lush green rain-forest, the fragrant air, and all the beautiful colours.

Over the past 10-15 years it has really built up and become a much busier place to be.  There are a lot more tourists, and many more people residing there.  When comparing Maui from 3 years ago to now, I could really feel the difference and an even bigger difference from 10 years ago.  This time it felt drained there.  Like the life is being sucked out of it.

Here is another comparison that is similar to what I am explaining.  Think about eating a meal full of fresh vegetables.  Picture your plate with all different kinds of vegetables, different colours.  How do you feel after eating a meal like that?  Light, energized, ready to go, right?  Now think about eating a Big Mac with Large Fries and a Large Coke from McDonald’s.  How do you feel after you eat that?  Tired, upset stomach, indigestion, among other things.

This is the difference I am talking about.  The energy you feel from those two meals are completely different.  The energy I felt from Maui was completely different.  This is something I like to do when I go to different places; get a feeling of the place I am in or of the people around me.

Have you ever felt a difference in energy when visiting a place multiple times?

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