Embrace Authenticity In Your Relationships

get realSomething I have been working on creating in my life is to have really authentic relationships.  Relationships that are deep and meaningful and most of all, honest.

I felt like I had been pretty successful in weeding out any in-authenticity in my life, but I knew that there was something holding me back from allowing more “real” people to flow in.

Yesterday I had a major breakthrough in a session with a healer.  I’ve known this person for many years now and I was called to see him through my intuition.  It took a year of nagging by my guides…but I finally listened.  Haha!  I am stubborn sometimes.  😀

I’ve been having neck and hip challenges since my car accidents, 6 years ago.  Most of the healing had been done, but I kept getting these relapses where these trouble spots would seize up.  Last week I happened to have one of those relapses and my neck totally seized up, for 4 days!  It just so happened that Paul had seen a posting on Facebook from a mutual friend, Nima Rahmany saying that he was now doing mobile chiropractic work in the Lower Mainland and would come out to our home.  Must be a coincidence, right?  Ha! 😉

So, I decided to book an appointment for an adjustment with him, which happened to be yesterday!  He came to my home, set up his equipment and then we had a chat.  He asked me a bunch of questions, of which most I can’t remember now.  We did talk about what I wanted/or what I was lacking in my life right now.  I told him how I wanted to seek out more relationships/people that were authentic and that I was tired of how some people around me were not being real and authentic in our relationship.

Through a series of more questioning (what a nosy bastard, eh?  hehe) we came to the conclusion that I was being a hypocritical asshole!  There was a fairly significant relationship in my life that I wasn’t being real in.  Right under my nose!  Can you believe it?!   People that really know me would probably say that I’m pretty straight forward and to the point.  The awareness of this realization of having this type of relationship was quite surprising.  🙂

We then dove deeper!  More questions…more answers…more awareness!  For a while now, I’ve been aware of a subconscious program I’ve been running of “not being good enough”.  I’ve been working on tackling it for a while now.  Yesterday it was linked back to this significant relationship in which I wasn’t being real in.  There were feelings/actions from the past that were hindering the relationship today, and I was allowing it to happen!

This relationship had/has love in it…it was just stiff and awkward.  We didn’t really go deep into much conversation, topics were kept light.  The dance didn’t flow like it could, so to speak.

So here we are talking about this new founded awareness and what does Nima say?  “Ok, now you are going to call this person and tell them how you have been pretending to be in a relationship with them.”  I think my words back to him were something like…”are you fucking kidding me?  I can’t do that!”  LOL!  He pretty much told me too bad…you are doing it.  This was my homework.  We made a game plan of what I was going to talk about, through most of which I cried.  I had Nima running for kleenex multiple times through this bit of the session.  🙂

So I put my big girl panties on…and did it.  I had this conversation with this person.  This was big.  I was facing a huge fear I didn’t realize I had.  I got really real.  The conversation was the most honest conversation we have ever had.  And it was fabulous.  I shared, this person shared and we left the conversation with a new level of depth and openness.  I am so grateful I followed through and had this conversation.  It really transformed this relationship in a matter of 20 minutes.

One of the things Nima said to me that really hit home and was a deciding factor in having this conversation with this person was that we don’t really know how much time we have left.  Well…he actually said “You’re gonna die soon…you don’t know how long u have to do this.”  Hahah!  His words hit home, because we don’t know how much time we have here on Earth.  I am a big believer in living in the present moment and in being open, honest and present for the relationships in my life.

In writing this story and sharing with you, I hope I have inspired you to take a look at the relationships in your life and find a way to be more open and honest in them.  😀


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