Do You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

This video really resonated with me for a few different reasons.  One of those reasons is because of my sister Faye.

Faye is my older sister who was born with special needs and doesn’t fit within the social norms of what we perceive a “normal” person should look like or be like. To know Faye is to love her.  She has many endearing qualities. She is positive, funny and full of love. She is full of imperfections, which make her perfect just the way she is. Most people miss out on knowing Faye, which of course is their loss.  A loss due to social conditioning, judgments, and fear.

Growing up with Faye was far from easy.  There were many challenges and lessons learned with having Faye as a sister.  There were many gifts too.  I don’t mean physical gifts.  I am referring to gifts like compassion, sensitivity to others, being open to differences and much more.

The questions I leave you with are, where in your life can you let go of judgments?  Judgments of self, of loved ones, or of strangers.  Where in your life can you bring in more light and love? How can you live in a space of compassion and total acceptance?

When we look inward and start making these changes of living less in judgment and more in total acceptance of ourselves, we shift our energy.  We then judge less of others and look past peoples imperfections and be more accepting.

My wish for Faye and everyone in this world is to live in a world of acceptance of who we are.  For people to look past our limitations and see the wonderful beings we are.

What one judgment of yourself can you let go of today?

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