Stop Worrying About What Other People Think!

mandala-1164312Stop worrying about what other people think!

It’s time to live a more authentic life!  Be true to you!  Make yourself happy and feel fulfilled.

Too many people are living their lives based on decisions they made out of obligation to others or please other people.  This does not serve you and your authentic self.

I used to worry about what other people thought of me or the decisions I made.  I used to hide who I was and worry that I would be judged.  Not any more.

Take me as I am.  I am a bright light.  I am full of love.  I am caring, honest and loyal.  I am sassy and dynamic.  I am opinionated, loud and fun. I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am a clairvoyant, a medium and a healer.  I have varied interests.  Sometimes I allow my temper to get the better of me.  I am overweight and I love my body as it is now.  I am who I am, take it or leave it.

I fully understand that people won’t get me, or judge me based on their perceptions of who I am and what I represent to them.  This is OK!

What I’m trying to say is that it is so freeing to just be who you are, in all totality.  Accept all aspects of yourself and let yourself shine.  Let yourself ring true to who you are.  Let go of the worry or fear of being judged by others.

Take your mask off.  It’s time to shine.  Be authentic.  Be you.


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