My New Healing Drums

I recently received 2 new drums to work with.  I am very excited about these drums and I just love the way they found me.  In March I asked the Universe to bring me a few new tools to use when doing my healing work.  I asked for a new “Blood Drum” and an eagle feather.  I put it out to the Universe and then let it go and waited until the right time.  I knew that the Universe would deliver, it was just a matter of time.

Just after the recent Lunar Eclipse (April 2015) that was also named the Blood Moon, I was looking on Facebook and I almost fell off my chair.  A friend of mine, who is also a great healer and intuitive/medium had just held a drum workshop.  She hosts a weekend event where you can make your own drum.  Well, she happened to make a few extra drums and posted them on Facebook for sale.  One of which was my Blood Drum.  I knew it was mine.  So I asked her if it was still for sale, and she said it was!  I told her it was for me and made arrangements to pick it up.

Here is a picture of it!


I fell in love with this drum as soon as I felt it.  I am finding that it works great at grounding energy and helping to clear energy from the lower chakras.  I have had great feedback from my clients.

While I was picking up my drum 2 more gifts from the Universe came to me.  My friend who has a Native Indian ancestry told me that her guides told her to give me an Eagle feather to use in my sessions.  I was really excited by that!  So I was able to choose two feathers that I now use in my sessions!  Exciting!

The last gift I received that day came as a complete surprise to me.  While I was picking up my Blood Drum, my friend also told me that there was another drum there to look at.  She had made a very unique drum during that drum workshop and she had said she wasn’t sure who it belonged to as it had very unique energy with it.  On the face of this drum there are two holes, which were the bullet holes from the death of the Elk.  She had dyed the skin a dark green colour and planned on stringing it with a “tree of life” pattern on the back.  She told me to take a look at the drum and tell her what I thought of it.  When I saw this drum I just loved it.  I told her it was an amazing drum and whoever got it would be lucky.  She then told me some interesting information!

What she had learned after she had made this drum was that the holes can act as portals to the spiritual realms and that the person who used this drum must be familiar with traveling within these realms, and also able to open and close these portals.  When she found out this information she wasn’t sure what to do with this drum.  So she decided to meditate on it and ask the Grandmothers who she could give this drum to.  She told me that the Grandmothers had told her that this drum was meant for me.  I was totally surprised!  I mean, I really loved the drum and was called to it.  So when she told me that last bit of information I told her that I loved it (I think this was the 8th time I told her that..haha!) and that I would love to take it home.  Here are pictures of my “Shadow Drum”.


When you hold the drum up to the light there are many different patterns of green on it that the pictures just don’t capture.

I called it a “Shadow Drum” because I know that this drum will help my clients with shadow work.  I believe that this drum will help release and/or bring this energy to the light.  This drum has very powerful energy and I am very excited to be able to work with it.

April through to now has been an interesting time for me.  I have had many gifts from the Universe and I have done a lot of self work over the past few weeks that I will be sharing in future blog posts.  I also just celebrated my birthday and I am looking forward to what’s to come!


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