Reality Is What You Make It



Reality is what you make it.

We decide what our reality is.  Every part of it.  Nothing is done to us, we create every event in our lives.  Every event is created through our thoughts and vibrations.

Thoughts are things.  Thoughts have vibrations to them.  Every thought we think has a vibration and we are creating our future using the thoughts we think today.  Pretty cool, right?

Or is it?

What kind of thoughts are we creating?  Do we think negatively or positively?  Do we even know what we are thinking?  These are the questions to ask when we want to become aware of our thoughts.  If we aren’t aware of what our thoughts are, then we can start with what we are saying.  Are the words we use negative or positive?  Are we complaining?  Are we blaming?  Are we praising?  Are we sharing with gratitude?

If you are thinking negative thoughts, chances are you are creating negative situations in your life. If you don’t break the cycle of negative thinking then you are going to create more negative.  A perfect example of a negative thought form is “Why does this always happen to me…”.  When something happens and we perceive it to be bad and then say “why does this always happen to me”…guess what?  By saying this phrase you are confirming and perpetuating these events to the universe and your reality.  Stop doing it!  Instead of going into victimhood, stay neutral and go into question.  Something I would say is, “I wonder why I created this event.  What do I need to pay attention to here?  What thought pattern do I need to change?”

In order to create the reality that we want it is important for us to become aware of what we are thinking and saying.  We want to align our thoughts and feelings with the highest vibration possible so that we can manifest the best possible reality.  But wait…do we even know what we want??

Another important piece of the puzzle is to get really clear on what we want in life.  Many of us are drifting, unaware and with no dreams or aspirations.  Time for change!!  Get clear on what a few dreams are…big and small!  Write them down or put pictures into a dream-book!

Once we get clear on what we want, we can then look at shifting our vibration.  How do we do this??  Through our thoughts and feelings.  The more we focus on good positive thoughts, and create joy in our lives, the higher our vibration sits.  It’s really important to be aware of what our thoughts are.

These few steps are key in creating the reality that we want.  What reality do you want to create?



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