One Simple Tool For Energy Protection

meditation-2-This past weekend I went to a workshop hosted by a wonderfully wise woman.  It was a two day workshop about psychic and spiritual protection.  I learned a few new things, but a lot of it was familiar to me.  This was great!  One of the biggest pieces of information I received from going to this workshop is confirmation that I am on the right track.

I love feeling more confident in what I know and the tools I use everyday.  To me, this is very valuable.  It allows me to fully trust in what tools I choose to use, which in turn make them that much more powerful.  Exciting!

One thing I will share with you about psychic or energy protection that I know is that the power comes from within.  This was one of those pieces of information that was confirmed for me this weekend.  It really does come from within.

I often tell my clients that are having challenges with energy coming from others is that we have all the power.  We do.  We get to choose to take on other energy or choose to have energy drained from us.  If we don’t believe that we are fully protected and stand within that awareness of being fully protected, then we aren’t.  We must believe and trust in ourselves.

What I love about this teaching is that it is SIMPLE.  The power of protection comes from within.  There is nothing to carry in a bag or to remember to bring.  We carry this tool with us everywhere we go.  It’s great!

It isn’t about which crystal you are wearing or which sage you are using to smudge.  Those are all external tools that can enhance our personal power.  Do not put your power into anything external, keep it within and add to it.  Make sense?

One tool I use in my healing space is a large piece of black tourmaline.  It sits in the room and adds to the space.  I often forget that I have it and trust that it will do it’s part in whatever is needed.  My energy protection isn’t reliant on it though.

Do you have a favorite tool that you use to enhance your protection?  If so, share below!



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