Abraham Hicks – Avoid Anything That Causes You To Feel Any Discomfort

treesThis is an awesome video.  There is talk about removing resistance to the things we want, and letting go of time frames of what we think our healing journey should take.  There is also talk about letting go of what other people think of us.  This is my favorite part I think.

So many of us worry about what other people are thinking about us, or lives, the decisions we make and if they are good or not.  Abraham really makes it clear as to why it is important to let go of this.  I really used to care a LOT about what other people thought.  I second guessed myself many many times.  I don’t anymore.  Every decision I make is perfect for me and the moment I am in.  People are going to have opinions of me, good or bad.  No problem.

Letting go of the influence of others in my life was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.  I wish that you will give this gift to yourself as well.





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