Does The Smoke From Smudging Bother You? Try This Instead

invocationI do a lot of smudging in my house.  This is a process where you burn dried white sage leaves with the intention of clearing your space of any heavy, dense energy or spirit.  I will smudge before and between clients to ensure that I am working with a clean slate.  I also make sure I have smudged my aura and physical body.

Sometimes the smoke starts to bother my lungs and if I have a busy day I can find this a little bit of a challenge.  I found a great alternative to burning the sage and it is much easier on my lungs.  I also take this with me when I travel, or when I go to do group parties at someone’s house.  I use it to clear hotel rooms, my car, or my energy when I am out. You can apply it to you hands and then sweep your hands over your body/aura to remove the energy.  You can also spray above you and allow it to fall down over you to clear your aura.  Both methods work well.

It’s called Invocation Chiiyaam Relaxing Essence.  I’ve been using this smudge spray for years and I just love it as an alternative to the sage smoke.  It is a blend of different essential oils including Canadian cedar, lavandin, mandarin, spearmint, Canadian hemlock, rosemary, white sage, gum rockrose, frankincense, Indian sandalwood, tobacco, spikenard, juniper, sagebrush, Damask rose, sweet grass.

If you are looking for an alternative to smudging with sage smoke, or have a lung sensitivity, I highly recommend you try this spray.

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2 Responses to “Does The Smoke From Smudging Bother You? Try This Instead”

  • I, too love to smudge–nice article. I fine that the between-client smudge can be a really small affair with more intent than smoke. I use what is called here "White Sage" like you, and for special occasions, "grandfather sage" which is a bit rare. Do you sell the Invocation?

    • Drea:

      Hi Kate!
      I don’t sell it yet, but I am thinking about selling it! I love it! I haven’t heard of “grandfather sage” before…sounds interesting!

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