I Love and Approve of Myself


This morning I decided that I wanted to write a blog post and that I would take a little time to see what came in as inspiration to write about.  So I waited a few hours, and still nothing.  I waited another 30 minutes to see if anything came up and while I was waiting I kept noticing these cards I had.  They are a set of Thought Cards from Louise Hay that have words of wisdom and empowerment on them.  At the end of the 30 minutes I still had nothing!  So I decided I would pick a card from the deck and write about the card that I chose!

I Love and Approve of Myself was the card that I chose.  On the back it says, “I appreciate all that I do, I am good enough just as I am, I speak up for myself, I ask for what I want, and I claim my power.”  I thought to myself, what a great card!  So, do I love and approve of myself?  Yeah!  I do!

There was a time when this was definitely a different story.  I used to have a lot of negative self talk and was very critical about myself and how I looked.  I constantly had thoughts of not being good enough or feeling good enough.  I would go to work or out in public with anxiety, wondering what people were thinking about me.  This is completely different now.  I love who I am, every aspect of myself.  Even the temper that flares from time to time, the outspoken part of my nature, and all the lumps and bumps of my body!  I accept, approve, honor and love all that I am, in totality.

How did I start this leg of the journey?  The first step was to become aware of what I was saying to myself.  I would hear/say things like…”Man, I’m so fat!” or “Why do I do that??” or call myself stupid if I didn’t get something. I would make fun of myself or feel bad about myself if I didn’t meet someone else’s expectations.  I became aware of how I would interact with the world on all levels.

Then I started to change how I was thinking.  I caught myself in the midst of the feeling/thought and shifted it.  This took some time, and I still catch myself once in a while.  It’s all good!  I went for energy work and did some Psych K balances.  I forgave events and people in my past in order to move forward.  But most importantly, I focused on living in the moment and aligning myself with gratitude and joy.

Did the transformation happen overnight?  No!  I have been on this leg of my journey since 2006.  This may seem like a VERY long time for some, but for me the time has flown by.  My life has gotten better and keeps getting better and better everyday!  See the thing is, you can still live your life and have a fantastic time while doing this work!  You can still make memories, go to parties, read books, go out for dinner, travel to far off lands and meet fabulous people while improving how you feel about yourself.

How does it get any better than this?

Is there a part of yourself that you could choose to love and approve of today?


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13 Responses to “I Love and Approve of Myself”

  • Reta Derkson:

    Yep…hard work and shifting your concentration into a more life-affirming, love-giving, wholly-Holy accepting way has done you the world of Good! Shift Happens! Great stuff!

  • I love you too! (as much as I also approve of you, it doesn't really matter what I think as far as that goes 🙂 )
    Great post and great reminder Drea. We wouldn't say negative things like that to someone else, time to STOP saying them to ourselves….

  • Drea, we teach and lead by example and the way that you totally embrace your own greatness has inspired me to embrace more aspects of myself that I wasn't fully loving and accepting. This post is just affirmation of that. Way to rock self-love and inspire it in others. 🙂

  • Wonderful post Drea, It's a fantastic message and one that could be eplored in much more depth and breadth for many of us. one of the great limiting beliefs that so many of us carry around is "i'm not good enough" any work that helps people overcome this belief is a wonderful thing. :0

  • Andrea Piotrowski:

    Totally true! I think the first time I heard someone say that to me (it was probably you!), it really sunk in. Why was I beating myself up and saying those horrible things to myself. I didn't talk to other people like that…so why would I talk to myself like that!!! I really started to pay attention to what I was saying/thinking and started making changes from there. I am still catching myself…which I am totally cool with. 🙂

  • Andrea Piotrowski:

    Wouldn't have it any other way! It's been an awesome journey and I am totally looking forward to making more changes for the better!!! 🙂

  • Andrea Piotrowski:

    Thanks Jodi! You are awesome and you are an inspiration to me all the time! Happy to hear that I have helped you in any way that I can. 🙂

  • Andrea Piotrowski:

    Totally agree with you Rich. What's great about moving towards changing this belief is that it can happen in small easy steps! One of the first steps is focusing on what we love about ourselves now and amplifying that. The more we send focused love energy towards ourselves, the more that energy grows and flows!!

  • Great post. Psych-K is a great transformational tool as well as Matrix Energetics and S.A.C. It's been amazing to see how far you've come Drea, and now how many people you're helping along on the same journey.

  • Absolutely! This is something I think all of us deal with on a continual basis. That negative self-talk is so detrimental to our success! I definitely feel different when I choose to talk positively to myself! Thanks for the enlightening post!

  • Jabeel Janmohamed:

    Really great post Drea. It's so easy to get caught in that trap of negative self talk and painting this picture of what we think it wrong with ourselves, when in fact there is absolutely nothing wrong, we are who we are and should love ourselves for it. Once we can let go of these thoughts, it's a total feeling of freedom and upwards momentum. Feel good now! 🙂

  • Its funny isn't it, we speak to ourselves more than anyone else so why not make it be positive self-talk. Its very easy to fall into the habit of bashing ourselves. Thank you for sharing how you managed to overcome it.

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